Cloak of Hazy Memories


Step 1

Go to North Karana. Find and kill Zahal the Vile. He roams and is level 30. Tracker recommended. Loot Bag of Troll Guts.

This guy seems to spawn every 5-6 hours (exact variance unknown). He is also KoS to both the Druid rings and the Qeynos Guards. When Zahal the Vile dies Regis the Reverent spawns along the north wall of the zone, so if you see Regis the Reverent up and don’t believe any players have killed Zahal the Vile, then it’s possible the Druids or Qeynos Guards killed him.

There is some information floating around that The Silver Griffon is on the same PH rotation as this guy, but this doesn’t appear to be the case as I have seen them both up at the same time. They actually will fight each other (see screenshot below)! I have also seen Zahal the Vile spawn without anything in the zone being killed so he seems to just be a set duration spawn (approx 5-6 hours, again exact variance unknown) that can potentially be killed by other NPCs including Qeynos guards, The Silver Griffon (also possibly “a griffon”), and Druid’s at the ring.

Step 2

1) Go to South Qeynos and locate Sansa Nusk.

2) Make sure she responds to you (i.e. You have enough faction. I was Ally).

3) Give her Bag of Troll Guts and 1pp to receive Lute Strings.

Step 3

1) Go to East Freeport and locate Fabian.

2) Give him Lute Strings to receive Etched Silver Coin **Sometimes — see Develper post below**.

**If you don’t get it then you’ll need to do Step 1 and Step 2 again.**



3) If you get the Etched Silver Coin, give it back to Fabian to receive Note from Fabian.

Step 4

Go back to South Qeynos. This time locate Dionna. Give her Note from Fabian to receive Cloak of Hazy Memories!


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