Step 1

Farm 4x Items in Planes of Power Zones:

Bundle of Super Conductive Wires (NO TRADE): trash mobs in PoInnovation. “models” are a good mob to farm. Uncommon Drop.
Silicorrosive Grease – trash mobs in PoInnovation. Uncommon Drop.
Gold-Tipped Boar Horn – “boar” type mobs in PoTactics. Uncommon to Semi-rare Drop?
Shard of Pure Energy – Fire Tower mobs in BoThunder, may also drop from other mobs but not confirmed. Uncommon Drop.




Step 2

Locate Sanfyed Featherwood in Ak’Anon. Give him the 4x items from Step 1 to receive Note to Fimli.

Note: I did this turn-in at Amiably faction.

Step 3

Head to the top of the elevator in PoKnowledge and locate Aid Fimli. Give him  Note to Fimli to receive Cloak of Lesser Pernicity!


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