Coirnav The Avatar of Water Raid Guide

Starting the Event

This event is timed and must be completed within 14 minutes of the initial trigger. You start the event (and the timer) by killing Guardian of Coirnav.

– Approx. 100K HP
– Hits at least 1200+

Fight Overview

There’s more than 1 way to do this event. Your strategy might vary based on guild experience/level/gear so feel free to do what they you’re most comfortable with. The idea of this guide is show general mechanics. You must be fast to complete this event. If you take longer than 14 minutes you’ll fail and everyone will get ported to Plane of Knowledge.

The Coirnav encounter involves killing 3 waves of mobs then killing Coirnav at the end.

Wave 1 After Guardian of Coirnav dies Pwelon of Vapor will spawn along with 20-25 “vaporfiend” adds. You can use a Paladin to root Pwelon of Vapor away from the raid while the raid kills the adds. You should debuff him while he’s rooted but don’t put him into summon. He rampages. AE is recommended for killing the adds.

You can have pullers use Coral Hilted Tulwar to help pull all the adds into the raid quickly.

Wave 2 – Generally the same thing happens for Wave 2. A few minutes after Wave 1 Nrinda of Ice will spawn along with 20-25 icefiend” adds. AE and kill the adds while rooting/debuffing Nrinda of Ice away from the raid.


Wave 3 – Repeat for Wave 3. A few minutes after Wave 2 Vamuil of Water will spawn along with 20-25 “waterfiend” adds. Again root/debuff Vamuil of Water away from the raid while killing/AEing the adds.

Mini Bosses – After the 3 waves of trash are dead the three named will respawn where Coirnav is at. Pull them out and kill them. CC/offtank them where necessary. They have low HP should die quickly.

Nrinda of Ice Hits 1900+, 150K HP, Flurry, Slowable
Pwelon of Vapor Hits 1700+ , 150K HP, Rampage, Slowable
Vamuil of Water Hits 1200+, 180K HP, Rampage, Slowable

Killing Coirnav – Once everything is dead Coirnav will become targetable and a lot of additional adds will spawn. Burn all discs and zerg down Coirnav ASAP. Have tanks offtank adds until Coirnav is dead. He will have low HP so should die quickly. Once dead, Essence of Water will spawn for your flag.

– Approx. 270K HP
– Hits at least 1700+
– AE Rampage
– Casts Curse of the Triumvirate (PBAE, -2000 DD, dispel, -500 Attack, Cold Based, Curse Counter)



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