Canloe Nusback


South Kaladim

Items required:

Turn in 1x Crushbone Belt or 2x Crushbone Shoulderpads at a time
Belts can be found in Greater Faydark/Crushbone from most orcs (not pawns)
Shoulderpads can be found in Crushbone from Legionnaire level or higher orcs.


Reward 1 – Experience

The video  >>>HERE <<< gives an idea of how much experience you can expect. Generally the belts are decent levels 1-3 then begin to slow down quite a bit, and Shoulderpads are decent up to levels 6-8.

Below are experience rewards per turn-in give or take 1% EXP. Testing done on Agnarr. This is the same experience rate as a new standard TLP server (aka “Mangler” starting experience rate).

**Make sure you are not in a group with anyone else in the same zone as you or experience may be split between party members.

Level 1
Belt: 14%
2x Shoulderpads: 14%


Level 2
Belt: 14%
2x Shoulderpads: Untested (Likely 14%)


Level 3
Belt: 7%
2x Shoulderpads: 15%


Level 4
Belt: 3.5%
2x Shoulderpads: 15%


Level 5
Belt: 2%
2x Shoulderpads: 13%


Level 6
Belt: 1.4%
2x Shoulderpads: 9%


Level 7
Belt: 1%
2x Shoulderpads: 6%


Level 8
Belt: Less than 1% (.7%)
2x Shoulderpads: 4.75%

Level 9
Belt: Less than 1% (.5%)
2x Shoulderpads: 3.75%

Reward 2 – Armor

Armor pieces with “Small Patchwork” and “Small Tattered” prefixes. These items have 2-3 AC each and a few different slots are rewarded at random: Gloves/Boots/Helm/Shoulders/Arms.

You can also occasionally get Rusty and Bronze Weapons, and the 4AC Shield: Small Buckler. Note the usable Class/Race combinations. Generally only short races and elves can wear these items.



Reward 3 – Coin/Faction



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