Dain Frostreaver IV Quick Guide

Icewell Keep

Dain Frostreaver IV is located in Icewell Keep on the third floor. During the daytime you’ll find him on his throne. At night he goes behind the red curtain and stands on his bed. When aggroed, everything on his throne will assist so you’ll need to be ready to kill them as well. He has a few mechanics to note:

– Hits for 400’s
– Rampages
– Cannot be slowed
– Casts The Dain’s Justice (punts targeted player into the nearby well, 30 second cooldown)
– 700K HP

The most common strategy is to set your raid up inside the bottom of the well below and have your pullers pull him down. Due to his punt, this can be tricky and can take some work. When he punts someone, you’ll see an emote:

Your pullers will likely get punted so you may want to have Mages CoH your pullers around if necessary. You can also use Wizards to punt your pullers back to the zone in. Once he is down in the well the fight is not overly difficult. Keep in mind he rampages.

Pictures of the top and the bottom of the well are below:


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