1) If you didn’t loot them during Quest #1 then you’ll need to loot  1x Torn Tapestry and 1x Ripped Tapestry from a sarnak hatchling in Lake of Ill Omen. They are rare drops so these may take some time to drop. a sarnak hatchling spawn in the noob area just outside of West Cabilis. PH’s are the other low level mobs. Mass slaughter them to spawn a sarnak hatchlings. They will fight against the goblin-type mobs so track them down quick before a goblin kills them. A tracker can help locate them quickly, but isn’t required.


2) Combine 1x Torn Tapestry and 1x Ripped Tapestry in a Sewing Kit or Loom to create Mended Tapestry.

This combine CAN fail and has a Trivial of 23. If it fails you’ll lose the Ripped Tapestry but get the Torn Tapestry back. It is recommended to get your skill higher than 23 to prevent failure. You can get to 66 skill with vendor bought mats very quickly. 66 should give you a 96% chance to succeed (Based on Tradeskill Calculator).

Tailoring Guide >> HERE<<

3) Ensure you’re Amiable with Brood of Kotiz (whether from faction grinding or in combination with an illusion) and go back to Master Xydoz  in West Cabilis. You can use “FIND” to locate him. Give him Apprentice Skullcap – 1st Rank and Mended Tapestry to receive Apprentice Skullcap – 2nd Rank.


 You can now continue to >>QUEST 3<<



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