Step 1

Speak to Master Rizix in West Cabilis, who is just below Master Xydoz. Follow his dialogue (see screenshot as the highlighted text doesn’t fully work). Upon saying “i will do the bidding of the tower” you’ll receive Brood Canopic (2-slot container).


Step 2

Head to The Swamp of No Hope. You will need to loot 2x Busted Froglok Slave Shackles. These drop from an escaped froglok, which have a weird spawn pattern. A tracker is highly recommended to help with this. What worked for me is killing mobs in the “noob” area (see map) over and over until I saw an escaped froglok on track. This took about 10 minutes before I saw the first one. Once I saw the first, they spawned back to back in different places for roughly 5-6 spawns.

an escaped froglok will roam around (they can be quick), swim in water, and also fight against the mosquitos. Busted Froglok Slave Shackles dropped 100% of the time. There may be other ways to spawn them but this is what worked consistently for me.

Step 3

Once you have 2x Busted Froglok Slave Shackles locate The Toilmaster in East Cabilis. Give him 2x Busted Froglok Slave Shackles to receive Pile of Granite Pebbles. I did this at Amiable faction.

Step 4

Create Embalming Fluid with Brewing (Trivial 17). It’s easiest to have an Iksar interact with any Iksar merchants for any vendor bought items in Cabilis. You may want to level Brewing/Blacksmithing up a little bit to avoid fails. See Tradeskills section in the menus for guides on leveling them.

Embalming Fluid
(Brewing, 17, Brew Barrel)

2x Bog Juice
1x Bone Granite Powder
1x Rubbing Alcohol

2x Bog Juice (Crafted, Trivial 21, Brewing, Brew Barrel) — Don’t drink this!
  1x Bottle
(Bought, East Cabilis, Klok Sass) Use “FIND”
1x Snake Scales
(Bought, Klok Gragin, Warsliks Woods)
  1x Water Flask
(Bought, Lybar, West Cabilis) Use “FIND”

1x Bone Granite Powder (Crafted, Trivial 21, Smithing – **TEMPORARY ITEM**)
2x Bone Chips (Dropped, Skeletons, Anywhere) **Can be vendor bought later, such a from A Vendor of Reagent in The Guild Lobby in DoN**
  1x Forging Hammer (Bought, Klok Toren, East Cabilis) Use “FIND”
1x Pile of Granite Pebbles (Quested) – See Step 3

1x Rubbing Alcohol (Bought, a mortician, West Cabilis (2nd floor)) Use “FIND”

Step 5

Go to Lake of Ill Omen and locate a sarnak crypt raider. A tracker is recommended. Kill mobs level 10-15 in the area on the map. Eventually  a sarnak crypt raider will spawn in the area. He roams and is level 10. I got it to spawn after approx. 5 minutes of mass slaughtering. Loot Sarnak Raider Brain.

Note: While here kill greater scalebone in the same area and loot
1x Cracked Femur. This will be used in Quest #4.


Step 6

Combine Sarnak Raider Brain and Embalming Fluid in Brood Canopic (2-slot container) to create Preserved Sarnak Brain. This is a no-fail combine.

Step 7

Give Preserved Sarnak Brain and  Apprentice Skullcap – 2nd Rank to Master Rizix in West Cabilis to receive Apprentice Skullcap – 3rd Rank.


You can now move onto >>Quest #4<<


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