Step 1

Speak to Master Kyvix in West Cabilis. Follow his dialogue (see screenshot). Upon saying “apprentice of the third rank” you’ll receive  Brood Sack (4-slot container).

Step 2

You’ll need to loot 4 items from various mobs and zones. All of the mobs to kill are level 10-15 range.

1x Cracked Femur
Kurn’s Tower – greater scalebone (These spawn on the main and upper levels. Lots of spawns. Common Drop)
Lake of Ill Omen – greater scalebone (Tracker recommended. PH’s are mobs in area as shown on map. Common Drop) MAP
The Swamp of No Hope – greater scalebone (Small Camp of skeletons. Common Drop) MAP

1x Creeper Cabbage
(This is a meal, don’t eat it!)

The Swamp of No Hope – a man-eating creeper (Tracker recommended. I have seen these all over the zone. Uncommon spawn. Kill other trash in the areas on map PH. Best spot seems to be the Southwest side of the zone. Common drop) MAP

1x Intact Brutling Choppers
Warsliks Wood – a skulking brutling (Tracker Recommended. I have seen these on both the SE and SW sides of the zone, but the highest density I saw was in the SW. Common Drop. They look like orange apes. Kill roamers as PH)
Note: You can also reportedly find these in Frontier Mountains off a mangy brute, but this is not confirmed. These are higher level mobs.

1x Scorpion Telson Note: Must loot one that has Item Lore “Heartsting Venom” Picture
Field of Bone – a heartsting scorpion
These spawn in and above the large pit. Specifically on the side closest to Kurn’s Tower. Kill other roamers as PH. Uncommon Spawn. Always drops?) MAP

Step 3

Combine the 4 items from Step 2 into Brood Sack (4-slot container) to create Full Component Sack.

Step 4

Give  Full Component Sack and Apprentice Skullcap – 3rd Rank to Master Kyvix in West Cabilis to receive Dark Binder Skullcap.

You can now move onto >>Quest #5<<

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