Step 1

Speak to Master Kyvix in West Cabilis. Say “true miussion” to receive  Spectacle.

Step 2

You’ll need to obtain 3 more items:

 1x Forsaken Pariah Mask
 Warsliks Wood – iksar pariah (These spawn all around the zone at various iksar camps. Can also spawn in Lake of Ill Omen, Swamp of No Hope, and maybe  Field of Bone. Always drops) Warsliks Wood MAP

 1x Evergreen Ivy Ringband

Warsliks Wood – a forest giant evergreen (These spawn in the giant fort near the middle of the zone. Common or maybe always drops)

 1x Green Death Rum
East Cabilis – Klok Poklon (Vendor Bought) MAP

Step 3

Head to the dock area of the evil city in The Overthere and locate a skeleton worker. The one you’re looking for is up on the dock of the western most boat. You will want to have levitate to get up to where he’s at. Iksars are KoS to the town by default so you’ll have to be careful getting to him.

Give him the following to receive Metal Key:

 1x Forsaken Pariah Mask
 1x Evergreen Ivy Ringband
 1x Green Death Rum

Step 4

While still in the evil town in The Overthere, locate Tin Banker Assistant inside the bank building. Give it Metal Key to receive Journal. KoS characters be careful of the guards, if any are in the bank, they will eventually roam out.

Step 5

Go back to Master Kyvix in West Cabilis. Give him Journal and Dark Binder Skullcap to receive Occultist Skullcap.

You can now move onto >>Quest #6<<

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