Step 1

You’ll need to collect 2 items from different zones:

 Flaxen Lock of Hair
 Yellow Whip

Be prepared to spend some time farming these items as they can be rare.

1)  Flaxen Lock of Hair –Drops from the rare spawn Chief Rokgus. This is a rare drop. Chief Rokgus spawns in either:

1a) Pre-LDoN Unlock: Temple of Droga. His PH is in the most southwestern room along the south wall (-587, +2110).

1b) LDoN+: Frontier Mountains. Kill goblins in the small cave. Chief Rokgus‘ actual PH is at (-1808, +1754). Respawn timer approx. 16 minutes.

Note: Keep any Green Goblin Skin and Mt. Death Mineral Salts you get while here. You’ll need 1 of each for Quest #9.


2)  Yellow Whip – Drops from a wulfware lonewolf, who spawns on the eastern side of the Dreadlands. This spawn is rare and he doesn’t seem to have any specific PH, unless there is some type of PH chain that involves spawns in multiple locations. It’s simplest to just slaughter everything between the back of the castle and the Firiona Vie zone line. It took me about 4 hours of mass killing to get him to spawn. Tracker recommended.

Note: I also managed to spawn him in an Agent of Change instance after 5 attempts, but he didn’t drop any loot.

Step 2

Note: Read Steps 2-4 before continuing as the item we’ll get next is TEMPORARY!

Go to the Northwest area of Emerald Jungle and locate an Iksar Tomb raider. These guys are somewhat rare, but more than 1 can be up at a time. They are part of the spawn cycle of mobs in this area. So kill trash around here to spawn them. Tracker recommended.

an Iksar Tomb raider has a small chance to drop Venril the Chief. This is a TEMPORARY item. Once you have it move onto the next step.


WARNING: Raid boss Severilous spawns in this area

Step 3

1) Buy an Emerald from a Jewelcrafting merchant.

2) Locate Dom K`Perl in The Overthere. He is in the evil town area. Give him  Emerald to receive Before Green (TEMPORARY).

Note: If you are KoS to the town you can have someone else do the turn-in as Before Green is tradable.


Step 4

Once you have both Venril the Chief and Before Green head to the library in Kaesora. Kill mobs in the library until tortured librarian spawns. Give it Venril the Chief and Before Green (both TEMPORARY) to receive Large Tassel Bookmark. tortured librarian will despawn upon turn-in.

tortured librarian is on Brood of Kotiz faction. You can do the turn-in low as Dubious.

Step 5

Go to West Cabilis and locate an Iksar Hermit. You can use “FIND” to locate him as he is a Necromancer GM. You’ll need at least High Amiable faction with Brood of Kotiz to speak with him. Say “great sorcerer” to him to receive Flaxen  Hilt (4-slot container).

Note: Once High Amiable, You can spam “great sorcerer” to him to increase your faction by 1. Make a hotkey and spam this to max your faction out!

Step 6

2) Combine your 3 quest items into the Flaxen  Hilt (4-slot container) to create Barb Scaled Whip.

Large Tassel Bookmark
 Flaxen Lock of Hair
 Yellow Whip

Step 7

Give an Iksar Hermit  Barb Scaled Whip and  Sorcerer Skullcap to receive Necromancer Skullcap.

You can now move onto >>Quest #9<<


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