Druid 1.0 Epic

Nature Walkers Scimitar

Pre-farmable Steps include:

Step 7 – Part 1 – Forage Chilled Tundra Root (Everfrost), Ripened Heartfruit (Gfay), Speckled Molded Mushroom (Innothule), Sweetened Mudroot (Misty Thicket)
Step 11 – Part 1 – Forage Rose of Firiona (Firiona Vie)
Step 12 – Part 1 – Loot Jade Raeaver from a black reaver in City of Mist
Step 14 –  Loot Pulsing Green Stone from “triggered” of Venril Sathir that spawns from Venril Sathir’s remains . Read Step for details.
Step 16A – Loot Clean Lakewater from corrupted shaman in Lake Rathetear
Step 16B – Loot Ancient Rock from corrupted hill giant in Rathe Mountains
Step 16C – Loot Chunk of Tundra from a corrupted wooly mammoth in Everfrost
Step 17A – Loot Ocean of Tears Seavines from corrupted seafury cyclops in Ocean of Tears
Step 17B – Loot Kedge Cave Crystals from corrupted seahorse in Kedge Keep
Step 17C – Loot Green Heartwood Branch from corrupted brownie in Lesser Faydark
Step 18A – Loot Green Tree Back from corrupted gorilla in Emerald Jungle
Step 18B – Loot Pure Lakewater from corrupted barracude in Lake of Ill Omen
Step 18C – Loot Froglok Essence from Ulump Pujluk in Swamp of No Hope


Step 1
Go to Burning Woods and locate Telin Darkforest (+3240, +2880). Say “action” to receive Worn Note.

You may need to do the Muffin for Pandos quest in West Freeport to get faction if he doesn’t speak to you. You need at least amiable.

Step 2

Go to Greater Faydark  to Loc: +1535, +570. At this spot Faelin Bloodbriar spawns. Her PH is orc pawn. Respawn is 2.5 minutes. Clear orc pawns in the area until you find the right PH. Once found, kill the PH until Faelin Bloodbriar spawns. Give her Worn Note to receive Faelin`s Ring.

**You can also forage a Ripened Heartfruit while here (See Step 7).**


Step 3

Go to Kithikor Forest and find Giz X`Tin. He roams so you’ll need to track him. Give him Faelin`s Ring to receive Dark Metal Coin. Upon turnin Teir`Dal Reaver will spawn and attack. You do not have to kill it for anything.

Step 4
Go back to Telin Darkforest (+3240, +2880) in Burning Woods. Give him Dark Metal Coin to receive  Worn Dark Metal Coin.

Step 5

1) Head to East Karana and find Althele (-3660, -1590). Give her Worn Dark Metal Coin to receive Braided Grass Amulet. This will also spawn Sionae nearby (-2590, -1600).

2) Give Sionae (-2590, -1600) Braided Grass Amulet to receive Frayed Braided Grass Amulet. This will also spawn Nuien (-3650, +300).

3) Give Nuien (-3650, +300) Frayed Braided Grass Amulet, he will return it. This will also spawn Teloa (-3850, -2850).

4) Give Teloa (-3850, -2850) Frayed Braided Grass Amulet. Follow her back to the “gathering spot”. At this point Dark Elf Corruptor and two Dark Elf Reavers will spawn. Kill them and loot Fleshbound Tome from Dark Elf Corrupter.


5) Give Fleshbound Tome to Althele to receive Earth Stained Note.

Step 6
Go to Misty Thicket and track down Ella Foodcrafter. Give her Earth Stained Note to receive Shiny Tin Bowl.

**You can also forage a Sweetened Mudroot while here (See Step 7)**

Step 7

1) Go to the following zones and forage the following items:

Everfrost Chilled Tundra Root
Greater Faydark Ripened Heartfruit

Innothule Swamp Speckled Molded Mushroom
Misty Thicket Sweetened Mudroot

2) Once all 4 items have been obtained, combine them Shiny Tin Bowl to create Hardended Mixture. Keep the bowl as well.

Step 8

Next you need Keepers of the Art Faction. Buy 3,000 Batwing from any merchant (Ex: Darius Gandril, West Trade Building, Plane of Knowledge.) Give them to Niola Impholder in South Felwithe. You can reach her via the middle teleport pad. You can turn them all at once stacked together. This should be enough to get you to Ally with Keepers of the Art. Ally isn’t necessary (only need Amiable), but I’d just go all out since it is so easy to obtain. You’ll also get a bunch of copies of level 1 Mage Spell: Flare upon turn-in so have some bag space. Just sell them.

You must be at least Indifferent faction to do this quest. If you are not indifferent, you are likely close. You can check with /faction. Kill a few of the following NPC’s on the list in the link to get to Indifferent. I just killed the ones in Neriak Foreign Quarter.


Step 9

Go to Timorous Deep and locate Alrik Farsight. He roams near the Chessboard. Take the dock from Butcherblock to get there the quickest. Say “i will take the artifact” to receive Crushed Pot. You need at least Amiable faction with Keepers of the Art for him to respond.

Step 10

Now for a little running around:

1) Go to South Felwithe and give Farios Elianos your Crushed Pot to receive Grocery List.

2) Go to North Felwithe and give Merchant Nora (can use find) Grocery List to receive Bag of Provisions.

3) Go back to South Felwithe and give Farios Elianos Bag of Provisions to receive Receipt.

4) Go back to Timorous Deep and give Alrik Farsight (near Chessboard – Take Butcherblock Dock) Receipt to receive Ancient Pattern.

Step 11

1) Go to Firiona Vie and forage Rose of Firiona.

2)  Go to Surefall Glade and find Merdan Fleetfoot. Say “Who is Niera” then give him Rose of Firiona to receive Wood Painting.


3) Go to Frontier Mountains. Along the outside south wall of the Giant Fort  you will find a human skeleton (-820, -900). Give it Wood Painting to receive Silver Chained Locket.


4) Go back to Surefall Glade, this time find Niera Farbreeze. Give her Silver Chained Locket to receive Platinum Speckled Powder.


Step 12

1) Go to City of Mist and kill a black reaver until you get Jade Reaver. They spawn in different parts of the zone behind the locked door. Rare Drop. It is recommended to bring a pick lock class with you. It is also tradable so check the Bazaar.

Go to North Kaladim and give Jade Reaver to Kinlo Strongarm to receive Enchanted Clay.

Step 13

1) Combine the following into a Pottery Wheel to create Runecrested Bowl. This is a no-fail combine:
Ancient Pattern (from Step 10),
Platinum Speckled Powder (From Step 11),
Enchanted Clay (From Step 12)

2) Go to Misty Thicket and track down Ella Foodcrafter. Give her Hardended Mixture (From Step 7) and Runecrested Bowl (From this Step) to receive Softly Glowing Stone.

Step 14

Read this entire Step before beginning.

Bring two items to Karnor’s Castle:

Summoned: Firefly Globe: Summoned by spell Dance of the Fireflies (DRU (1) / RNG (10) Spell. It can only be summoned at night. This is a TEMPORARY and NO TRADE item.

Spell: Resurrection: Level 47 Cleric spell – bring the “scroll” of the spell itself. You can buy it from many Cleric Spell vendors.

Kill Venril Sathir in Karnor’s Castle. The version of Venril Sathir you’re looking for is the “triggered version”. This triggered version is spawned from Venril Sathir’s remains who spawns approx 12 hours (maybe 20? – see note below or 2/17/21 patch notes) after the death of the regular Venril Sathir.

Once you find Venril Sathir’s remains, give it Summoned: Firefly Globe (Ranger and Druid spell, can only be summoned at night). This will spawn Spirit of Venril Sathir. Give Spirit of Venril Sathir the level 47 Cleric Spell: Resurrection to spawn Venril Sathir. Kill Venril Sathir and loot Pulsing Green Stone. He will drop two but you only need one. They are lore so bring someone along with you who might need one also.

As of 2/17/21 Patch: Venril Sathir’s remains will spawn every 20 hours (assuming this means after alive VS is killed).


Step 15

1) Go to Firiona Vie and locate Foloal Stormforest. She will be either in the ruins or the city depending on what expansion your server is on. It’s easiest to just track her. Give her Pulsing Green Stone (From Step 14) and Softly Glowing Stone (From Step 13) to receive Warmly Glowing Stone.


2) Go back to Misty Thicket and find Ella Foodcrafter. Give her Warmly Glowing Stone to receive
Elaborate Simitar.

Step 16 Cleansed Spirit of Antonica

16A. Go to Lake Rathetear. Swim to the underwater tower. You’ll see 3 goblins swimming in place at the top of the tower. PH’s for the Druid Epic are the ones on the right and the left. The middle one is PH for the Cleric Epic. Kill them and eventually tainted aquagoblin will spawn. Kill it. Upon death, there is a chance that corrupted shaman will spawn. corrupted shaman drops Clean Lakewater. Loot it. This can potentially be a long camp. PH respawn is 5 minutes.

16B. Go to Rathe Mountains and kill Hill Giants until tainted hill giant spawns. Kill it to spawn corrupted hill giant. Kill it and loot Ancient Rock.

16C. Go to Everfrost and kill a wooly mammoth and a wooly mammoth calf until tainted wooly mammoth spawns. Kill it to spawn corrupted wooly mammoth. Kill it and loot Chunk of Tundra. There are several PH’s of each mammoth. You may not have to kill the calves, but I just killed both to be sure.

 16D. Head to North Karana and locate withered treant (+1200, -1050). Give him  Clean Lakewater Ancient Rock Chunk of Tundra to receive  Warm Pulsing Treant Heart.


16E. Next go to Yeka Las in South Karana. Give him Warm Pulsing Treant Heart to receive
Cleansed Spirit of Antonica.

Step 17 Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer

17A. Go to Ocean of Tears and kill a seafury cyclops until tainted seafury cyclops spawns. Kill it to spawn corrupted seafury cyclops. Kill it and loot Ocean of Tears Seavines.


17B. Go to Kedge Keep and kill seahorses in the caves in the northeast part of the zone. Kill them until tainted seahorse spawns. Kill it to spawn corrupted seahorse. Kill it and loot  Kedge Cave Crystals.

17C. Go to Lesser Faydark and kill a brownie and a brownie scout until tainted brownie spawns. A notable PH spot is at 0,0. Your best bet is to focus on this spot and also kill any other brownie you see on tracking. Kill tainted brownie spawn corrupted brownie. Kill it and loot  Green Heartwood Branch.

 17D. Stay in Lesser Faydark and track down pained unicorn. Give it Ocean of Tears Seavines, Kedge Cave Crystals, Green Heartwood Branch to receive  Gleaming Unicorn Horn.

I have never seen this mob not up, so it seems it’s on its own respawn timer. If for some reason it isn’t, come back in an hour or two and check until it is. It roams so you’ll need to track.


17E. Go to Ak’Anon and find Silox Azrix. Give him Gleaming Unicorn Horn to receive Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer.


 Step 18 Cleansed Spirit of Kunark

18A. Go to Emerald Jungle and kill tottering gorilla in the northwest part of the zone. Kill them until tainted gorilla spawns. Kill it to spawn corrupted gorilla. Kill it and loot Green Tree Bark. Supposedly you only need to kill “live” model tottered gorillas (as opposed to undead model) and the “live” model tainted is the only one that will spawn the corrupted.

18B. Go to Lake of Ill Omen and kill a deepwater barracuda in the water. Kill them until tainted barracuda spawns. Kill it to spawn corrupted barracuda.  Kill it and loot   Pure Lakewater. There are 8 PH’s. This camp can take several hours, so be patient. I had two tainted barracudas spawn. The first was level 39, which did not spawn corrupted. The second was level 46, and did spawn corrupted

18C. Go to Swamp of No Hope and find Ulump Pujluk. Say “what corruption”, then kill him. He is level 55 and summons. He has a lot of HP but a group of 60’s should be able to handle him.  Once dead, loot 
Froglok Essence. His respawn time is roughly 2 hours.

18D. Head to Timorous Deep and locate Dolgin Codslayer. He is in the “oasis” on the southern most island and his respawn time is estimated at 12 hours. Give him  Froglok Essence. He will hand it back and a weak version of Faydedar will spawn. Kill it and loot  Pod of Seawater. A group of 60’s should be able to handle this.

18E. Next go to Overthere and find Nekexin Virulence. He is along the north shore. Give him Green Tree Bark,   Pure Lakewater, Froglok Essence, Pod of Seawater to receive  Cleansed Spirit of Kunark.

Step 19  Nature Walkers Scimitar

Go to North Karana and find Xanuusus. Give him Cleansed Spirit of Antonica, Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer, Cleansed Spirit of Kunark,  Elaborate Simitar to receive Nature Walkers Scimitar!!



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