Druid 1.5 Epic Pre-Quest Guide


This quest will make you eligible to start the Druid 1.5 Epic Quest if you have not completed the Druid 1.0 Epic.

You can pre-loot the farmable/foraged items if you wish. Just make sure not to mess up the dialogue or turn-ins along the way. If you follow this guide you won’t have any issues.

**You will need high level foraging to complete the quest. I did it with 200 skill.**

Step 1

Go to Plane of Growth and forage Redwood Seed. This item appears to be a fairly common forage. I foraged it on two different Druids. One got it immediately and the other got it on the 4th forage.


Step 2

Go to Dragon Necropolis. Kill a Chetari Hoarder and a Chetari Packrat until Unkempt Seed Rituals drops. Uncommon Drop. 12.5 minute respawn.  There are only 2 spawn points. The 2 spawn points are right next to each other in front of Zlandicar’s Lair. Either of the 2 mobs can spawn at these spawn points, however I only saw a Chetari Hoarder while farming it. This could potentially take a while – it took me about 45 minutes.


Step 3

Go to Jaggedpine Forest and find Derick Goodroot (+1325, +1950).

Do the following:

A) Say “potameids” to receive:

B) Give him Redwood Seed. He hands it back.

C) Say “seed rituals”. You’ll see emote:

D) Give him Unkempt Seed Rituals to receive Aerated Pot (4-slot container).


Step 4

Go to Innothule Swamp and forage Earthy Loam. This seems to be moderately rare. It took me just under an hour to forage.

Step 5

Go to Plane of Storms and find Bittrik the Unkempt (-1070, -2465).
**Make sure to to do Step 6 simultaneously with Step 5 — this means you’ll need to forage Pure Rain Water while here**

Say “ill-tempered giant” to him then keep saying “continue” until you reach this dialogue (Click to see, it is long).

While still in Plane of Storms, find and kill Corrupt Volaas. He spawns in the southern fields. For me he spawned at -1950, -1000 (see map) — I verified this with Song of Highsun. Once he spawns he roams around. For me he spawned somewhere between 5am and 7am gametime. There is no PH. Loot Corrupted Storm Giant Heart.

Step 6

Forage Pure Rain Water while in Plane of Storms. This took me about an hour.

Step 7

Go to Barindu, Hanging Gardens and loot Empowered Earth. This drops from from the named a controlled earth churner. The PH for this mob is a clay laborer or a sandstorm laborer. There are 4 spawn points. See the map for the spawn locations. The respawn time is long at approx. 1 hour. Once a controlled earth churner finally spawns kill it and loot Empowered Earth. It took me 3 hours until it spawned.

Step 8

Go back to Derick Goodroot (+1325, +1950) in Jaggedpine Forest a final time.

8A) Give Derick Goodroot Corrupted Storm Giant Heart. He will hand it back and and also give you
Cleansing Bowl.

8B) Combine Corrupted Storm Giant Heart and Pure Rain Water in the Cleansing Bow to create
Storm Giant Heart.

8C) Combine the following into  Aerated Pot to create Seed of Wrath:

Earthy Loam
Empowered Earth
Redwood Seed

Storm Giant Heart

8D) Give Seed of Wrath to Derick Goodroot. He will hand it back and give you an emote:

This completes your Druid 1.5 Pre-Quest!



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