You must have either completed the Druid 1.0 Epic or the Druid 1.5 Pre-Quest to begin this quest.

Before starting make sure you have Forage leveled up!

Prefarmable Steps (assuming OoW is unlocked):
Step 1
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 13
Step 17
Step 18
Step 39

Step 1

Go to Rathe Mountains. Forage until you get Sickly Maiden’s Hair.

Step 2

Go to Eastern Karana and locate Althele (-3650, -1600). Say “out of balance”to receive emote:

Then give her  Sickly Maiden’s Hair to receive  Tuft of Sickly Maiden’s Hair.

Step 3

Go to Surefall Glades and locate Niera Farbreeze (+110, -190). Give her Tuft of Sickly Maiden’s Hair. This will start a small script. Wait a minute and then you’ll receive Waterproof Collection Bag (4-slot container).

Step 4

Go to Lake of Ill Omen with a small group. At the bottom of the lake 3x a bloodfill forager spawn. Kill all 3. They have approx 20K hp each. Loot Handful of Diseased Maiden’s Hair.

To get to where the foragers are you’ll need to go *under* the giant dome. To do this go to to southeast side of the dome. Along the lake floor there will be an opening you can squeeze under. It is not a door and is not obvious at first glance (see map).

Step 5

Go to Frontier Mountains and find Finrin Talister (-2200, +1480). Say “victim” to receive emote:

Step 6

1) Get Brewing to 60: Brewing Guide

2) Obtain the following items:

Cactus Pulp (tradable) – Foraged in North Ro. This is food, don’t eat it!
Emerald Leaves (tradable) – Foraged in Emerald Jungle.
**while here you should also forge Emerald Moss (no trade) (used during Step 39)
Lichenclover (tradable) – Foraged in Field of Bone/Firiona Vie/Frontier Mountains. Also drops in Frontier Mountains and Crypt of Dalnir.
Water Flask – Bought from various vendors

Combine all the items above in a Brewing Barrel to create Green Body Paint (tradable)

Step 7

Farm the following — I’d recommend mostly farming Frontier Mountains, seems to be better drop rate:

2x Copper Armband (tradable) – Drops from Goblins in Frontier Mountains and Temple of Droga. Common Drop
1x Carved Wooden Mask (tradable) – Drops from Goblins in Frontier Mountains and Temple of Droga. Common Drop
1x Green Goblin Skin (tradable) – Drops from Goblins in Frontier Mountains and Temple of Droga. Common Drop
1x Goblin Loincloth (tradable) – Drops from Goblins in Frontier Mountains and Temple of Droga. Common Drop

Combine the items above with Green Body Paint from Step 6 in a Sewing Kit or Loom to create Poor Goblin Disguise (No-Fail Combine). This is an instant cast goblin disguise, make sure not to click it yet!

Step 8

Get to 100 at the Goblin Language. You can train 1 point at your Guildmaster then spam in Goblin to get up to 100.

Step 9

*This event can only take place in the evening/night (in game-time). Starting at roughly 7pm*

Go to Frontier Mountains. I’d bring a few friend to help. Up to a group to be safe. Bard speed helps too. Stand near The Temple of Droga zone line. Make sure you are speaking in Goblin Language. Click your Poor Goblin Disguise. You will not get an illusion but you will get a buff.

Nearby you’ll see goblin whipcracker, say “start the contest” to him in Goblin Language. Try not to get too close or he may aggro. Once you say the phrase, invis up instantly. He will emote. After a few minutes, a bit to the north of The Temple of Droga you’ll see Goblin King Dronan and a couple other goblins. Stand around for a few more minutes and the King will start to emote. Keep your eye on tracking, a ton of Goblin Seeker will spawn.

Eventually you’ll see the emote Contest starts now! (this can take up to 10 minutes) at this point Goblin Hider will spawn somewhere in the zone (mainly south of you). You’ll need to run around and track him. Make sure you are invis while doing so because Goblin Seekers will attack you and they are running around the zone in groups. He despawns and respawns for nearly an hour, or until you kill it. So you may be tracking him then notice he changes location. Once you find him kill him and loot  Bag of Diseased Maiden’s Hair (see Note #2 below). Look at the emote screenshot for script timestamps.

Note #1: You may want to avoid using DoT’s on Goblin Hider in case he warps away from you and dies while DoT’d.

Note #2:
Goblin Hider does not always drop the Bag of Diseased Maiden’s Hair. If you don’t get the drop then keeping tracking down and killing other Goblin Hiders.

Step 10

Go to Cobalt Scar and find Blumblum Swigwater (+235,-1480). He is on the beach. Hail him, follow his dialogue.
Saying “fair deal”will cause him to emote (The second paragraph below comes 15 seconds after the first one):

Step 11

Bring a small group to Eastern Wastes. Go to the southwestern part of the zone. Eventually Ulthork Raider will spawn with 2 man o wars. They roam. Kill them and loot Carved Prexus Totem.

Step 12

Go back to Blumblum Sigwater (+235,-1480) in Cobalt Scar. Give him Carved Prexus Totem to receive Small Trigger Fish. It will take a few seconds before you get it so wait for his dialogue, but it will appear on your cursor.


Step 13

1) Train fishing to 20. The easiest way to do this is to use points at your Guildmaster. I used the one in Plane of Knowledge. Use “Find”.

2) Buy a Tackle BoxPlane of Knowledge: Angler Winifred (-392, +850) just outside small bank. Use “Find”.

Step 14

Go to Abysmal Sea and find Tasec Dreeng. Use “Find”. Buy  Gutting Knife from him.

Combine Gutting Knife and Small Trigger Fish inside the Tackle Box to create Soggy Maiden’s Hair.

Step 15

Make sure you have a wolf form spell.

Go to The Feerrott and find Bouncer Flerb. He is KoS and will aggro, but you can still speak to him. He roams along the river but you can easily track him. You’ll need to go wolf form to talk to him.

Hail him as a wolf, after a few seconds he will give you Hunk of Alligator Scales. He is level 37 before you talk to him, but after he gives you the Hunk of Alligator Scales he will respawn as a normal level 50 guard and continue attacking you.

Step 16

Go back to Surefall Glades and find Niera Farbreeze (+110, -190). Give her Hunk of Alligator Scales to receive Cleaned Alligator Scales. Then say “idea” to receive emote:


Step 17

Level Pottery to 100. Pottery Guide

Step 18

Now we’ll need to farm two items:

Piranha Meat
Clump of Refined Taelosian Clay


Piranha Meat – drops in The Temple of Cazic-Thule from a greenblood piranha. These are fish that spawn in the two small ponds. Uncommon Drop.

Clump of Refined Taelosian Clay – First farm a Chunk of Broken Taelosian Stone Worker. This drops off commonly off Golem Type mobs in Barindu, Hanging Gardens.

Now go to Abysmal Sea and find Malkidiv U`Ycionuz (use Find) . Give him Chunk of Broken Taelosian Stone Worker to receive 2x Clump of Refined Taelosian Clay.


Step 19

Combine the following into a Kiln to create Feerrott Alligator Charm (charm slot item):

1x Cleaned Alligator Scales
1x Clump of Refined Taelosian Clay
Piranha Meat
Water Flask

Step 20

1) Buy one of your Charm Animal spells if you do not already have it. You can get Befriend Animal in Plane of Knowledge from the level 1-25 Druid spell vendor.

2) Take a small group and go back to Feerrott and equip Feerrott Alligator Charm.

Once there track down a swamp alligator. It roams. Charm it and start running towards The Temple of Cazic Thule. It runs kind of slow but you can Spirit of Wolf it. On the way there you’ll see emotes:

After a few emotes Swamp Terror will spawn. For me he spawned when I was on the fallen pillar that leads to The Temple of Cazic Thule area. You may need to swim under and around the pillar to get him to spawn and it may take a few minutes. This part of the quest is a bit clunky. Kill it and loot Mangled Head and Partially Digested Maiden’s Hair.

– Hits 650+
– Casts Swamp Swipe (Single Target, Knockback, Disease Based)
– Casts Terror Lifetap (Single Target, Lifetap – 1000 DD?, Disease Based)
– Low HP.

Step 21

Go back to Niera Farbreeze (+110, -190) in Surefall Glade.

1) Combine the following items in Waterproof Collection Bag:
 Bag of Diseased Maiden’s Hair
Handful of Diseased Maiden’s Hair
Partially Digested Maiden’s Hair
Soggy Maiden’s Hair

to create Sealed Collection Bag.

2) Give Sealed Collection Bag to Niera Farbreeze to receive Wash Cloth (1-slot container).

3) Now put Mangled Head inside Wash Cloth (1-slot container) to create Wrapped Mangled Head.
4) Give Wrapped Mangled Head to Niera Farbreeze to receive Mangled Head (2-slot container).

Step 22

Go to Plane of Knowledge and locate Gravelady Beddia (-875, +370) in the evil area. Say “sacrifice” to receive emote:

While still in Plane of Knowledge find Pathfinder Arelat (Use find. I don’t have him on map). He is in the library and sells Ranger Spells. Say “it is worth it” to receive 3 books:

Fresh Awakenings Vol. 1
Fresh Awakenings Vol. 2
Fresh Awakenings Vol. 3

Run back to Gravelady Beddia (-875, +370) and give her the 3 books to receive Healing Plants.


Step 23

Go back to Niera Farbreeze (+110, -190) in Surefall Glade. Give her Healing Plants to receive Niera’s Healing Notes.

Step 24

Step 24 might be skippable but only takes a few minutes.

1) Go to Soulbinder Grunson in East Freeport (-1250, -22). Use “Find”.
Say “mangled head”
Say “one”

To receive emotes:


2) While still in East Freeport find Caskin Marsheart (-1085, -915). Use “Find”.
Say “Soulbinder grunson sent me to ask about your friend”
Say “problems”
Say “Research”
Say “Mad”

To receive emotes:


Step 25

Take a small group to North Ro and track down a madman. It roams and cons indifferent

– Say “are you geadin”
– Say “i will do this”

This spawns a haunt. Kill it.
Next a spirit spawns. Kill it
Next a guardian tormentor spawns. Kill it.
Next a lamented knight spawns. Kill it.

These are all easy fights. A small group should be more than enough. You’ll get emotes along the way:

Once all 4 are dead say “still desire it” to a madman to receive Soul Stone. a madman will turn into Soulbender Geadin Gyths briefly, then despawn.


Step 26

This event can take up to 40 minutes (give or take).

1) Create two hotkeys

Hotkey 1:
/say i am on the job

Hotkey 2:
/say Yo ho. No sun!
/say A skeleton’s day is never done.
/say Yo ho. No sun!
/say A skeleton’s day is never done.


2) Go to Toxxulia Forest and locate a skeleton near the Paineel zone line. Speak to the one on the left (when facing Paineel) and say “i will do it” to receive Worthless Mining Pick. Equip the Worthless Mining Pick in your weapon slot. At this point the skeletons will run off and you’ll see the following emote:

**You do not have to target any mobs once you have Worthless Mining Pick. This includes the abandoned heretic pet! Responses are very weird in this script and it’s easiest to just target nothing.**

3) Here is what happens: abandonded heretic pet will spawn and despawn every few minutes (between 3 – 7 minutes per cycle). Every time you see him he will spawn out in the grass and walk in towards you. Once he reaches you he will do this emote:

As soon as you see his emote you need to say “i am on the job”. Once you say that then he will make a comment about you (a druid) wanting to be a miner (shown in screenshot above). This is a good message. If you don’t say it immediately (within a few seconds) you will fail the event. You only need to do this once every time he spawns. He will despawn after a minute or two.

All other times you should be spamming Hotkey 2. Make sure to be standing between the Paineel zone line and where the skeletons were originally standing (see pictures below).

4) When spamming Hotkey 2 you should see:

5) Recap: Every time abandoned heretic pet spawns and says:

Abandoned heretic pet says, ‘Speed up the digging my pets!’
Abandoned heretic pet says, ‘Who on Bertoxulous’ blistered backside are you? Where did those fools go off to?’

You say “i am on the job” once.

He will respond: Abandoned heretic pet shouts, ‘Well I’ll be, a druid that wants to be a miner! Alright then, you keep at it. Don’t break a nail or strain your delicate sensibilities!’

Do this only once per spawn to let him know you’re the miner. Otherwise spam constantly Hotkey 2.

Unfortunately, you have to do this for up to 40 minutes. Spam Hotkey 2 the whole time. Eventually a skeleton will return and give you an emote and  Animating Heads:


Step 27

Go back to Feerrott. Go to the fallen pillar (-450, -85) that leads to the temple area (see map). Combine Animating Heads and Soul Stone into Mangled Head (2-slot container). You’ll get Animating Heads and Mangled Head (2-slot container) back + an emote:

You won’t see anything spawn, but say “show it to me” where you stand to receive Diseased Rune (temporary item) and receive a 2nd emote:

Then say “bohab” to receive another emote:

Step 28

Combine Animating Heads and Diseased Rune into Mangled Head (2-slot container) to receive Runed Skull.

Step 29

Go back to Niera Farbreeze (+110, -190) in Surefall Glade. Give her Niera’s Healing Notes and Runed Skull to receive Niera’s Research Notes.

Step 30

Make sure you have the spell Beguile Animals (level 33 charm) or a higher level animal charm. Go to Plane of Justice and find Great Bear (+500, -550).

Charm it, then give it Niera’s Research Notes. You will receive 2 items in your inventory: Red Dogwood Seed and Living Brambles Seed. At this point Great Bear will run off into the hallway and get himself killed.

Step 31

Go back to Niera Farbreeze (+110, -190) in Surefall Glade. Give her Red Dogwood Seed and Living Brambles Seed. You’ll receive Living Brambles Seed back instantly, and few minutes later you’ll receive Mind Crystal.

Step 32

Bring a small group to make this easy. Go to South Qeynos and find a furtive figure in Lion’s Mane Inn. When you enter the Inn you’ll start to see emotes:

Kill him and loot Hasty Note. Low HP.

Step 33

Take a group to South Karana and head to the Druid Ruins in the Southeast (-6000, – 3300). At 12AM gametime 3 NPC’s will spawn: Finnelzi Springworthy, Rendolf Deathbringer, Tehana Elsent. You will need to kill them. They apparently despawn at 1AM so you’ll need to aggro them quick.

You can potentially solo them but it would be easier if you had a couple friends to help. Kill all 3.
Loot 3x Crystal Fragment, 1 from each corpse.

*You’ll also see two other NPC’s that are level 1. Just ignore them*

Step 34

Go to West Freeport and find Shana Liskia. She is inside the big dome on the 2nd floor. You’ll need to take a teleport pad up. Give her 3x Crystal Fragment. She will give them back and also give you Small Padded Bag (6-slot container).


Step 35

Go to Harbringer’s Spire with a group. Go to the room on the left from the zone in (see map). When you (as the Druid doing their epic) get close to this room Azibelle Spavin and Glenfire Tel’Zir spawn. They hit for 900+ each and have low HP. Kill them and loot 3 shards: Azibelle’s Crystal Fragment, Bohab’s Crystal Fragment, Glenfire’s Crystal Fragment.

Step 36

Combine the 6x Fragments into Small Padded Bag (6-slot container) to create Full Padded Bag.

Step 37
Go back to West Freeport and find Shana Liskia. Give her Full Padded Bag to receive Bowl of Foul-Smelling Liquid (3-slot container).

Step 38
Go to Abysmal Sea and find Silanda Leafdew. She is on the Shipdeck (see map). Give her Mind Crystal. She will hand it back and give you an emote:

Step 39

Go to Emerald Jungle and forage Emerald Moss. You may have gotten this back in Step 6 if you are following the guide.

Step 40

Go to Natimbi, the Broken Shores with a group or two. Head over to the Kod’Taz stone to start an event. Clear the reborns on the platform nearby. Then begin to kill Ritual Conduit. At Low HP it turns into Noc Juggernaut. Loot Energized Noc Blood. A chest also spawns with extra loot.

Step 41

Combine Emerald Moss, Energized Noc Blood, Mind Crystal in the Bowl of Foul-Smelling Liquid (3-slot container) to create Clear Mind Crystal.

Step 42

Go back to Abysmal Sea and find Silanda Leafdew. Give her Clear Mind Crystal. She will give it back and you’ll also receive an emote:

Step 43

Go to The Ruined City of Dranik with a small raid (4-5 groups). Head to the Red Circle on the map in the east tunnels. At that point you’ll get an emote (dranik emote) and A cracked earthshaker spawns. Kill it and loot Chunk of Energized Clay.

Step 44

Take a raid force to Kithikor Forest and find Blackened Treant near the lake. Kill it. Hits around 1k. Low HP. When it dies 10x Blacked Tree Limb spawn. They hit for around 400 each. When those die Blackened Dryad spawns. She casts lots of various spells. Kill her and loot Blackened Earth.


Step 45

Go to Plane of Knowledge.

Create Aerated Pot Shell with Pottery (trivial 68). Use the following ingredients in a Pottery Wheel:

Aerated Pot Sketch – Bought from Elisha Dirtyshoes (Use Find)
Block of Clay – Bought from Elisha Dirtyshoes (Use Find)
Water Flask – Bought from Perago Crotal (Use find)

Now, in a Kiln, combine Aerated Pot Shell with Chunk of Energized Clay to create   Reinforced Aerated Pot (4-slot container).

Step 46

Final combine:

Combine Blackened Earth, Living Brambles Seed, Clear Mind Crystal into   Reinforced Aerated Pot (4-slot container) to create your 1.5 Epic: Staff of Living Brambles!

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