Druid 2.0 Epic Guide
Staff of Everliving Brambles


To begin this quest you must have completed the Druid 1.5 Epic Quest.

The following steps are pre-lootable (assuming OoW is unlocked):

Step 1 – Forage 2x Rune Fragments from Barindu or Qinimi
Step 8 –
Obtain a Clump of Refined Ancient Taelosian Clay
Step 10 –
Loot Pulsing Frozen Heart from “Experiment” mobs in Velketor’s
Step 13
– Loot Globe of Discordant Energy from Anguish


Step 1

Go to Barindu, Hanging Gardens or Qinimi, Court of Nihilia and forage 2x Rune Fragment. They have the same name and are lore at first glace, but ID as two different items. You can forage these in some other Gates of Discords zones also but Barindu, Hanging Gardens is easy since you can port there directly. It took me about an hour to get both. If you choose to go to Qinimi, Court of Nihilia you can do Step 2 while waiting on Step 1 forages.


Step 2

Go to Qinimi, Court of Nihilia and locate a broken ritesdancer (-300, -1000). Say “rune fragments” to receive a third Rune Fragment. I have seen it spawn in multiple rooms (see map for confirmed spots). It spawns in many of the small huts,  and more than 1 can be up at a time.

**I received the Rune Fragment at Apprehensive faction with Nihil. I was already at faction level this when I did this Step. If you are lower than Apprehensive it will give you a quest to do where you must collect Undamaged Noc Fangs to obtain the Rune Fragment. You can kill non-nihil mobs in the area to increase your nihil faction, or do the quest. /faction to check your faction.

Be careful when interacting with this NPC as other Nihil NPC’s in the room may aggro if your faction is too low (possibly aggros even at dubious based on a report I received, but this is unconfirmed by me personally). Have someone use pacify if needed. **

Step 3

1) Now that you have 3x Rune Fragment go to Abysmal Sea and locate Reyfin Malakwa (+225, +285). He is on the ships deck.

2) Hail him, after a few seconds you’ll receive Ragged Cloth Bag (3-slot container).

3) Combine 3x Rune Fragment into Ragged Cloth Bag (3-slot container) to create Wrapped Cloth Bag

4) Give  Wrapped Cloth Bag to Reyfin Malakwa to receive Rune of Yuisaha.


Step 4

Go to Nedaria’s Landing and locate Historian Finrazel (+1080, +1500). Give him Rune of Yuisaha. He will give it back. Then say “plan to find” to receive Thick Leather Bag.


Step 5

Kill four bosses in various zones. These can be done in any order:

1) Dranik’s Scar

Spawn Tranlinor the Maimed (-865, +1080) — see map for spawn info. This is a small group mob. Kill him. Loot Wind Shard.

2) Nobles Causeway

Kill Bazu Scavenger. See map for spawn point. This is a group level mob (or easier). Loot Frost Shard.


3) Wall of Slaughter

Bring a few groups for this one. From the Port-in area head west. Stay at the top of the building (see map). When you get close to the Red Circle some mobs will spawn. Retired Soldier and 2x a nervous guardian. Kill the 2x a nervous guardian and Retired Soldier will turn into Lightning Lord. Kill Lightning Lord. He spawns adds during the fight. You can either kill them or burn down Lightning Lord. You’ll also get a chest with bonus loot. Loot Rain Shard


4) Qinimi, Court of Nihilia

Bring a raid for this. At the Red Circle on the map an event will spawn once you get near. Three NPC’s will spawn:

Spiritlord Body

Spiritlord Mind
Mastruq Commander Gorlakt

Clear the trash outside the temple. Kill both Spiritlords first then kill Mastruq Commander Gorlakt. He hits for around 3,000 and rampages. Loot Spirit Shard.



Step 6

Combine the following in Thick Leather Bag to create  Synched Leather Bag:

Wind Shard
Frost Shard
Rain Shard
Spirit Shard

Step 7

1) Go back to Abysmal Sea to Reyfin Malakwa (+225, +285). Give him Synched Leather Bag. He will hand it back and emote:

2) While still in Abysmal Sea locate Silanda Leafdew. She is on the Shipdeck (see map). Give her Synched Leather Bag. She will hand it back and also give you Insulated Container Sketch.


Step 8

Obtain a Clump of Refined Ancient Taelosian Clay:

1) First farm a Chunk of Broken Ancient Stone Worker. This is a drop off a constrained aggressor in Kod’Taz. In later expansions you can also get this in various Seeds of Destruction zones.

2) Now go to Abysmal Sea and find Hiloan O’Yviania (use Find) . Give him  Chunk of Broken Ancient Stone Worker to receive 2x Clump of Refined Ancient Taelosian Clay

Step 9

Use a Kiln to combine 1x Clump of Refined Ancient Taelosian Clay and Insulated Container Sketch to create Insulated Container (3-slot container).

Step 10

This is soloable but would be easier with a 2 players. Go to Velketor’s Labyrinth. You’ll need to camp the area in and around Velketor’s Castle. See map for Placeholder locations. PH’s look like ice golem type mobs. You’re looking for one of these named mobs to spawn:

Failed Experiment Beza
Failed Experiment Izah
Velketor’s Experiment Lena
Velketor’s Experiment Uzah

They can be rare so be patient.

These mobs drop Pulsing Frozen Heart. Loot it.

Step 11

Combine Synched Leather Bag and Pulsing Frozen Heart inside Insulated Container (3-slot container) to create Frozen Rain Spirit. You will also get your Insulated Container (3-slot container) back.

Step 12

Go to Burning Woods with a group. You’re looking for a crippled wurm. Go to the Red Circle on the map and watch tracking. This mob is supposedly easy but I got kicked for 4,000 so I would take a group. Immune to melee damage. Loot Everburning Jagged Tree Limb.

Step 13

Raid Anguish, the Fallen Palace and obtain a  Globe of Discordant Energy.

Drops from the following events:

Keldovan the Harrier/Jelvan (only one of the two based on who you kill last)
Warden Hanvar/Ture
(only one of the two based on who you kill last)
Arch Magus Vangl
Overlord Mata Muram

**Stay in zone for Step 14.**

Step 14 – The Final Combines

1) Go to the raid instance Anguish, the Fallen Palace (if not already there). This combine can only be done in this zone.

2) Combine the following into  Insulated Container (3-slot container) to receive Essence of Rainfall:

 Globe of Discordant Energy
Frozen Rain Spirit
Everburning Jagged Tree Limb

You’ll also get Insulated Container (3-slot container) back. This combine also spawns Yuisaha for a few seconds.

3) Combine your 1.5 Epic: Staff of Living Brambles and Essence of Rainfall inside Insulated Container (3-slot container) to receive your 2.0 Epic: Staff of Everliving Brambles!




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