On TLP servers focus items aren’t active until Shadows of Luclin so we aren’t concerned about them for Classic (some items in this list may have focuses, they just won’t be active).

In this guide we will be getting as much Mana/Wisdom as possible with a secondary focus on HP/Stamina to help us survive. Some slots may have multiple options with no clear “BiS”,  so choose what works best for you.

Below are stats you can expect with the gear below. Your results will vary a bit depending on which items you choose, and your race/starting stats.

If I missed a better item in any slot, feel free to let me know in Discord.


Slot Item Drop Location
Spiroc Banisher Focus
BiS Mana
PoSky Druid Quest
Pearl Kedge Totem
BiS Mana
Dagnor’s Caludron: Bilge Farfathom
Golden Black Sapphire Earring
Can wear 2

Treant Tear
Alternate – Lore


PoSky Drop

Neck Black Sapphire Platinum Necklace
Face Tobrin’s Mystical Eyepatch
BiS Mana + See Invis

Drake-Hide Mask

Permafrost: Lady Vox

PoSky Druid Quest

Head Platinum Tiara
Lower Guk: a froglok tactician
Platinum Jasper Ring
Wisdom Option (Can wear 2)

Platinum Skull Ring
HP/Mana Option (Can wear 2)

Singed Crimson Ring
HP/Mana Option 2

Moonstone Ring
STR/Mana Option (Can wear 2)


Castle Mistmoore: Lasna Cheroon

Lavastorm Mountains: Brognot

Lower Guk: a frenzied ghoul

Wrists Vermiculated Bracelet
BiS (Can wear 2)

Hotof’s Bracer
Wood Elf BiS

PoFear: a gorgon

PoHate: Innoruuk

Withered Leather Sleeves
Option 1

Embroidered Black Sleeves
Option 2

The Hole: a revenant, a wanderer. Urwenae the Cold?

Lower Guk: a ghoul ritualist

Hands Slime Blood of Cazic-Thule
BiS (but used in Necro Epic)

White Satin Gloves

Withered Leather Gloves
Mana Option

PoFear: Cazic-Thule (pre-revamp)

PoSky: various bosses/trash

The Hole: Niltoth the Unholy?

Shoulders Nature Walker’s Mantle
PoSky Druid Quest
Chest Vermiculated Tunic

Withered Leather Tunic
Mana Option

PoFear: a gorgon

The Hole: Dartain the Lost

Back White Dragonscale Cloak Quest (Lady Vox Drop)
Waist Honeycomb Belt
High Mana Option

Bone-Clasped Girdle
Balanced Option

Brell’s Girdle
Balanced Alternate

PoSky Druid Quest

PoFear: a dracoliche (pre-revamp)

The Hole: Master Yael (pre-revamp)

Legs Vermiculated Leggings

Withered Leather Leggings

PoFear: a gorgon

The Hole: Initiate Sirlis?

Feet Golden Efreeti Boots
High Mana Option

Withered Leather Boots
Balanced Stats

SolB: Efreeti Lord Djarn

The Hole: Ulrik the Devout

Ranged Idol of the Underking
The Hole: Master Yael (pre-revamp)

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