Enchanter 1.0 Epic

Staff of the Serpent

The Enchanter Epic can be broken up into 5 main pieces. They can be collected in any order so feel free to hop around and grab items at your convenience. The 5 pieces you’ll need are:
Jeb’s Seal
1st Piece of Staff
2nd Piece of Staff
3rd Piece of Staff
4th Piece of Staff

Jeb’s Seal is used to get Enchanters Sack, which are used as combine containers to make each of the Piece of Staff.

1. Jeb’s Seal

1A. Go to the Qeynos Catacombs and find Reania Jukle (Enchnater Guildmaster) at +390, -390. The easiest way to get to her is to enter the Qeynos Catacombs from the warrior arena area in South Qeynos.
Say> “find your own supply” to receive
Empty Ink Vial.

1B. Go to Lower Guk and charm a ghoul scribe. Give him Empty Ink Vial to receive Ink of the Dark. To avoid the other frogs killing him while he’s charmed you can mez him first, kill the adds, then charm him afterwards.

1C. Loot Shining Metallic Robes (trabable) from either the ghoul arch magus or from Yendar Starpyre. the ghoul arch magus is a rare spawn in Lower Guk, his PH is a kor ghoul wizard. The Robe is his rare drop. Yendar Starpyre  is a roaming level 65 gnome in Steamfont Mountains. He always drops the robe. If you have a few friends to help, it’s easier to kill Yendar Starpyre. The robe is tradable as well, so check the Bazaar.

1D. Give Shining Metallic Robes to Rilgor Plegnog (Enchanter Guildmaster) in the north area of Ak’Anon to receive Mechanical Pen. You can use “Find” to locate him.

1E. Purchase  Quill and   Piece of Parchment from a vendor. The vendor I used was Hanlore Escaval (+300, -570) in South Qeynos.

Give both  Quill and  Piece of Parchment to Chrislin Baker in West Karana. She is located inside a hut. She will despawn and give you a bandit sash. This sash is not used for the epic quest, however, the turn-in also triggers Thrackin Griften ( +860, -11570) to spawn across the zone. Kill him and loot White Paper. He is level 55 and is fairly easy with 2 level 65 people. Melee DPS preferred.




1F. Go to Erudin and find Stofo Olan. He is inside The Vastly Deep Inn on the 2nd floor, last door on the right. Give him Ink of the Dark, Mechanical Pen, and White Paper to receive Copy of Notes.


1G. Go to Burning Woods and find a sarnak imitator (-1200, -4000). Give him Copy of Notes to receive Jeb’s Seal.


2.  1st Piece of Staff

2A. Go to East Cabilis and kill Vessel Drozlin. Loot Xolion Rod. He is located in the sewers. In order to access the sewers you need to run through the red glowing wall in the Shaman Guild Master area. Make sure you have levitate as well. When you get to the cross-road in the sewers with pit in the floor, take the right path and levitate across the pit. He hits for 300ish and is level 60. He runs at low hp so the best strat is to pull him into the nearby water so that he does not path back through the 1-way hidden walls when he runs. Approx 36 hour respawn timer.

Go to Neriak Third Gate and kill Verina Tomb. Loot Innoruuk’s Word. Approx 48 hour respawn. She spawns in the Cleric Guild Master area in the first section of the zone.


2C. Go to Chardok and kill Prince Selrach Di’Zok. Loot Head of a Prince. Respawn time 2 hours. Level 61. A group of PoP geared players should be able to kill him with ease. You’ll need a picklock to open his door.

Find Joren Nobleheart in Southern Felwithe. In the teleport pad room, take the one straight ahead. Give him Head of a Prince to receive Chalice of Kings.

2D. Go to Oggok. Look for the ground spawn Large Muddy Sandals at +220, +370. Next, find Bozlum Blossom (in Oggok) and give her the Large Muddy Sandals to receive Scribbled Parchment.


Find Brokk Boxtripper, who is right next to where you just picked up the ground spawn. Give him Scribbled Parchment to receive Gift to Bozlum. Go back to Bozlum Blossom and give her Gift to Bozlum to receive Snow Blossoms.

2E. Go to The Overthere and find Modani Qu`Loni. He is located in an underground tunnel in the Gorge. Give him  Jeb’s Seal. He will hand it back. Then say “I need a sack” to receive  Enchanters Sack.

Combine  Xolion Rod,  Innoruuk’s Word Chalice of Kings Snow Blossoms in the sack to receive  Sack for Modani. Give Modani Qu`Loni  Sack for Modani to receive  1st Piece of Staff.

3. 2nd Piece of Staff

3A. Go to South Ro and Kill Cazel. Loot Spoon. Always Drops. He roams all around the desert area of the zone. He has a high regeneration rate, but is an easy kill. Hits for 200’s. Spoon is also droppable, so check the Bazaar.

3B. Go to The Overthere and pick up the ground spawn The One Key. You’ll need levitate as it’s located on a small plateu coming out of the canyon.

3C. Go to Dalnir and find the ground spawn  Lost Scroll. Getting there is a bit tricky if you are not familiar with the zone, you’ll need to drop down a tomb and go through a fake wall.

3D. Head to Quest Island in Plane of Sky. In the corner of the room on a table you’ll find the ground spawn Charm and Sacrifice.

3E. Head to Ak’anon and find Clockwork VIIX in the North area of the zone. Give him  Jeb’s Seal. He will hand it back. Then say “I need a sack” to receive  Enchanters Sack. Combine  Spoon The One Key Lost Scroll Charm and Sacrifice in Enchanters Sack to create Sack for Mizzle. Give  Clockwork VIIX Sack for Mizzle to receive  2nd Piece of Staff.

4. 3rd Piece of Staff


Find Nadia Starfeast in Fironia Vie. Give her Jeb’s Seal. She will hand it back. Say the following to get four different gems:

Say>”what diamond
Say>”what sapphire
Say>”what emerald
Say>”what ruby

You’ll receive Dull Diamond, Dull Sapphire, Dull Emerald, Dull Ruby. You’ll need to charm various mobs and turn them in receive the “Enchanted” versions.


Go to The Overthere and find Impaler Tzilug. 24 hour respawn. No PH. He is in the canyon tunnels. Charm him and give him Dull Emerald to receive Enchanted Emerald.

4B. Go to City of Mist and find Wraith of Jaxion. He spawns at the very end of the floating islands. You’ll need a pick lock to get through some of the locked doors. His PH circles around the building. Respawn 16 minutes. Charm him and give him Dull Ruby to receive Enchanted Ruby.


4C. Go to Skyfire Mountains and find Felia Goldwing. Her PH can be any of the named in the zone. She is a rare spawn. A tracker is recommended. Charm her and give her Dull Sapphire to receive Enchanted Sapphire.

a lava walker (wyvern version)
a shadow drake
a soul devourer
a wandering wurm
a wurm spirit
Black Scar
Faerie of Dismay
Guardian of Felia

4D. Head to Kaesora and find spectral librarian. Charm him and give him Dull Diamond to receive Enchanted Diamond. Kill mobs on the ground floor of the library until he spawns. I have also personally seen mobs despawn on their own and spectral librarian spawn in their place, so he seems to have more than one method of spawning.  PH’s can be Guardian of Xalgoz and tortured librarian.

4E. Go back to Nadia Starfeast in Fironia Vie. Give her Jeb’s Seal. She will hand it back. Then say “I need a sack” to receive  Enchanters Sack. Combine  Enchanted Emerald,  Enchanted Ruby,  Enchanted Sapphire, Enchanted Diamond in Enchanters Sack to create  Sack for Nadia. Give Nadia Starfeast  Sack for Nadia to receive  3rd Piece of Staff.

5. 4th Piece of Staff

Go to Plane of Fear and kill Wraith of a Shissar. It is located at the top of the large temple inside the fire ring. 7 day respawn (not 100% confirmed). No PH. Loot Head of the Serpent.



5B. Go to Plane of Hate and kill a forsaken revenant. Loot Essence of a Vampire. Rare drop. These mobs are spread all over the zone. Both male and females are known to drop it.

5C. Go to Field of Bone and kill The Tangrin. It is located on an island at the north side of the zone. Loot Sands of the Mystics. Level 54. Easy kill with 2 people. Respawn 12-24 hours (not confirmed).

5D. Go to The Hole and kill the Ghost of Kindle (-90, +170). Loot Essence of a Ghost. Level 50. She also spawns in undead tower in an earlier version of the hole (not shown here).

In The Hole you’ll find Polzin Mrid. Give him Jeb’s Seal. He will hand it back. Then say “I need a sack” to receive  Enchanters Sack. Combine Head of the Serpent,  Essence of a Vampire, Sands of the Mystics Essence of a Ghost to create Sack for Polzin. Give Polzin Mrid Sack for Polzin to receive 4th Piece of Staff.

Before you leave, get an extra Enchanters Sack from Polzin Mrid and use it to combine 1st Piece of Staff, 2nd Piece of Staff, 3rd Piece of Staff, 4th Piece of Staff to create a Bundle of Staves.

Final Turn In!

Go back to Burning Woods and find a sarnak imitator (-1200, -4000). Give him a Bundle of Staves to receive Staff of the Serpent!