Enchanter 1.5 Epic Guide
Oculus of Persuasion


You must have completed either the Enchanter 1.0 Epic or the Enchanter 1.5 Pre-Quest to begin this quest.


Potentially Pre-farmable Steps

**Not all are 100% confirmed pre-lootable, just something you may want to review before beginning the quest. Assuming OoW is unlocked**

Step 2 – Various ground spawns
Step 7 – Kill an enciting potameid in Natimbi. Loot Sullied Gold Filigree
Step 9 – Castle Mistmoore Ground Spawn – Taste of Enticement
Step 11 – Kill the yrendan scarab in Plane of Justice . Loot 2nd Piece of the Staff
Step 12 – Kill named in Vxed. Loot 3rd Piece of the Staff
Step 16 – Create a Vial of Purified Mana (tradable)
Step 17 – Loot Essence of Sunlight (tradable) from South Ro giants or Chromoadracs in Skyfire Mountains
Step 18 – Forage Glow Lichen (tradable) in Nektulos Forest
Step 19 – Ground spawn Abysmal Moonwater in Abysmal Sea
Step 20 – Get Brewing to 162
Step 21 – Create Prismatic Dye and Dragon Oil Egg with Brewing
Step 22 – Create Glowing Concoction with Brewing
Step 23 – Create Incandescent Oil with Brewing

Step 1

Go to Burning Woods and locate a sarnak imitator. Say “prepared” to receive Tattered Illegible Tome (10-slot container).


Step 2

Collect 10 Cryptic Pages (ground spawns) from around Norrath. You can collect them in any order.

1) Ocean of Tears
2) Howling Stones
3) Old Sebilis
4) Najena
5) Temple of Cazic-Thule
6) Skyshrine
7) Velketor’s Labyrinth
8) Crystal Caverns Spawns
9) Fungus Grove
10) Crypt of Nadox


1) Ocean of Tears – Spawns between 3 sirens. This one may not always be spawned, but it spawns between 4PM and 5PM game time.


2) Howling Stones – Drop down below the zone in. It is at the end of one of the tunnels next to some skeletons.


3) Old Sebilis near the jail area. See map.


4) Najena. It is on a table next to a light. In the Jail area. This is behind locked doors.


5) Temple of Cazic-Thule – see map


6) Skyshrine – Go through the maze, you’ll spawn in a room with an orb in the back. Click the orb to port up. Take the first door on our left. Quest NPC’s are in this room. Spawns in front of Lothieder Fe’Dhar.


7) Velketor’s Labyrinth at the upper kobald camp. First hut on the left.


8) Crystal Caverns – Spawns at Queen Dracnia.


9) Fungus Grove at in the Shik’nar caves.


10) The Crypt of Nadox on a table.


Step 3

Combine all 10 Cryptic Pages in Tattered Illegible Tome (10-slot container) to create  Complete Illegible Tome.


Step 4

Go back to Burning Woods and locate a sarnak imitator. Give it Complete Illegible Tome to receive emote:

Step 5

1) Go to Plane of Knowledge and locate Grand Librarian Maelin. He is at the top of elevator in the library. Say “jeb” to receive Note to Lobaen.

2) While still in Plane of Knowledge, locate Illusionist Lobaen (Enchanter Spell Vendor). You can use Find. Give her Note to Lobaen to receive Sealed Documents.


Step 6

Go back to Burning Woods and locate a sarnak imitator. Give it Sealed Documents to receive
Assembling The Staff.

Step 7

Go to Natimbi, the Broken Shores and locate an enciting potameid (-840, +1575). Hits 400+. You should be able to kill this with two people. Loot Sullied Gold Filigree.

Step 8

Go to Halls of Honor and locate Anthone Chapin (+2485, -1850). Give him Sullied Gold Filigree to receive Purified Gold Filigree.


Step 9

Go to Castle Mistmore to the Red Circle on the map. Make sure to click the wooden plank elevator on the ceiling of the tower to get to the upper chamber. Once up top you’ll see a Blue Mushroom on a table. Click it to loot Taste of Enticement.

Step 10

1) Make sure you have a spell that is high enough to charm a level 63 NPC.

2) Get to the 7th floor of Tower of Frozen Shadow. You can either key yourself or have someone click you up. Once on the 7th floor locate Advisor Svartmane. It hits for 500+ so be careful but you’ll need to charm him and give him Taste of Enticement to receive 1st Piece of the Staff.


Step 11

Go to Plane of Justice and locate the yrendan scarab. It is a rare spawn. It spawns in the Red Circle on the map. Kill the scarabs PH’s in that small room. Solo or small group fight. Loot 2nd Piece of the Staff.


Step 12

Form a group and head to Barindu, Hanging Guardians. Locate Apprentice Udranda and say “vxed” to start a Vxed instance. Zone in. Any named inside the instance can drop 3rd Piece of the Staff. A tracker helps.

**While here you can also kill “a mountain pooka” type mobs and loot Mountain Pooka Meat. It is used for the Enchanter 2.0 Epic**


Step 13

Go to The Bloodfields with a group or two and locate War Caller Kaavi. She has a couple adds that can be mezzed. Trivial fight. Kill her and loot 4th Piece of the Staff.

Step 14

Go to Siren’s Grotto with a small raid and locate Faleniel of Darkwater. She is at the back of the zone down the well in the sirens area. Kill her and loot Ornate Staff Topper.

Hits 1600+
Casts Ice Rain (PBAE, 1000DD, Cold Based)
Casts Drowning Panic (PBAE, -15% Haste, Small DoT, Disease Based)


Step 15

Go to Plane of Innovation with a small raid and locate a greasy clockwork. Kill it and loot Glimmering Oil.

Hits 1600+
AE Rampages
Casts Barrage of Debris (Targeted AE, 300 DD, Unresistable)
Casts Blinding Smog (Targeted AE, Shadowstep)
Casts Tetanic Blade (Single Target, 18 second stun + small DD, Posion Based)


Step 16

Create a Vial of Purified Mana with the level 45 Enchanter Spell: Purify Mana.

4x RubyBought (Audri Deepfacet, Northern Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +400, +760)
1x Poison Vial Bought (Loran Thu`Leth, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -115, +1400)


Step 17

Go to South Ro and kill sand giant type mobs until you get Essence of Sunlight (tradable). Uncommon Drop. They also drop off chromoadracs in Skyfire Mountains.

Step 18

Forage or have someone forage you Glow Lichen (tradable) from Nektulos Forest. **This is food, don’t eat me!**


Step 19

Go to Abysmal Sea and found ground spawn Abysmal Moonwater. It is a very small bag at the bottom of the ocean.



Step 20

Get Brewing to 162: Brewing Guide

Step 21

1) Create Prismatic Dye (Brewing, Trivial 54, Brew Barrel)
   1x Glaze Laquer – Bought from Elisha Dirtyshoes in PoK (Use Find)
   1x Prism Shard – Bought from Elisha Dirtyshoes in PoK (Use Find)

2) Create Dragon Egg Oil (Brewing, Trivial 150, Brew Barrel)
   1x Water Flask – Bought (Perago Crotal, Near the PoK Brewing Barrel in the Eastern Trade Building)
   1x Dragon Egg (Forage in Western Wastes — Tradable)

Step 22

Combine the following into a Brew Barrel to create Glowing Concoction:

Abysmal Moonwater
Vial of Purified Mana
Essence of Sunlight
Glow Lichen

Step 23

Combine the following into a Brew Barrel to create Incandescent Oil:

Prismatic Dye
Glimmering Oil
Dragon Egg Oil
Glowing Concoction


Step 24

Go to Plane of Mischief with a raid and locate All-Seeing Eye. Kill it and loot All-Seeing Eye.

– Hits 1,100+
– Casts Gaze of the All-Seeing Eye (1300 DD, 300 DoT, -35 mana/tick, Curse Counter, Magic Based)

Watch this video to learn how to get to his location:

Click Here: How to Get to All-Seeing Eye in Plane of Mischief


Step 25

Go to Burning Woods and locate a sarnak imitator.

1) Say “chest” to receive  Ornate Staff Chest (10-slot container).

2) Combine the following in Ornate Staff Chest (10-slot container) to create Latched Ornate Chest.

1st Piece of the Staff
2nd Piece of the Staff
3rd Piece of the Staff
4th Piece of the Staff
All-Seeing Eye
Incandescent Oil
Ornate Staff Topper
Purified Gold Filigree

3) Give Latched Ornate Chest to a sarnak imitator in Burning Woods to receive your 1.5 Epic: Oculus of Persuasion!



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