Enchanter 1.5 Epic
Pre-Quest Guide


This quest will make you eligible to start the Enchanter 1.5 Epic quest if you have not completed the Enchanter 1.0 Epic.

Pre-Farmable Steps:

Step 2) Loot 4x Dragon Boneshard. Found in Veksar. Tradable so can also buy from other players.
Step 5) Loot Crumbling Tome from A Shissar Lorekeeper in Ssraeshza Temple.
Step 7)
Farm 6x Fine Insidious Items from PoHate.

Step 1

Head to Lake of Ill Omen and locate a bloodgill mimic. He is underwater just outside Veksar. Speak to him and go through his dialogue.

“Hail” him
Say “who is he”
Say “master”




Step 2

1) Head into Veksar nearby. You are looking for Spirit of Garudon. He is an “invisible” npc with just his name tag above him. See map for his location. You will need to farm 4x Dragon Boneshard and hand it into this guy so keep a note of where he is as we will be back here after getting the 4x Dragon Boneshards. Doing this turn-in will spawn a dragon in the nearby theater (just up the ramp to your left).


2)To get 4x Dragon Boneshard you’ll need to farm mobs in the theater nearby. They are tradable! They can drop off any of these mobs:

a commander
a curate
a diviner
a reaver
a spellbinder

Make sure you check the ramps going in and out of the theater and verify you are killing all of the appropriate mobs. See map below for spawn area. These have a horrendously low drop rate so you’ll likely spend several hours here. Respawn is approx. 25 minutes.



Step 3

Next up is a group fight so bring a few people to help. Turn the 4x Dragon Boneshard into Spirit of Garudon. This will spawn the named Garudon in the theater where you were killing the mobs in Step 2.

– Approx. 500K HP
– Casts Chill of Undeath (PBAE, 650 DD/Minor DoT, 36 Disease Counter  Cure, -80 Cold Based)
– Slowable

Kill Garudon and loot Garudon’s Statue.

Step 4

Head back out to a bloodgill mimic in Lake of Ill Omen. Give it Garudon’s Statue to receive an emote.

Follow his dialogue:
Say “aida”
Say “where is she”


Step 5

Go to Ssraeshza Temple and locate A Shissar Lorekeeper. From the zone-in, take the first door on the right, go up the tube, go through the next door. At the end of the hallway to the right is A Shissar Lorekeeper. Kill it and loot
Crumbling Tome. Easy kill.

 Step 6

While still in Ssraeshza Temple, head over to the skeleton area in the basement and locate A Soriz Imitator.

Go through his dialogue (to be safe):

Say “aida”
Say “bloodgill mimic”
Say “tome”
Say “where”

Then give him Crumbling Tome to receive Illegible Tome.


Step 7

1) Go to Plane of Hate and kill a forsaken revenant mobs to get the following items (both male and female can drop them). A tracker helps for this. This can take some time.

Fine Insidious Gloves
Fine Insidious Halo
Fine Insidious Manacle
Fine Insidious Pantaloons
Fine Insidious Sleeves
Fine Insidious Slippers

Step 8

1) Go to Ak’Anon and locate Rilgor Plegnog (Enchanter GM – can use FIND).

Say “insidious” to receive Compacting Satchel (6-slot container).

2) Combine the 6x Fine Insidious items you farmed in Step 7 into Compacting Satchel (6-slot container) to create Insidious Bundle.

 3) Give Insidious Bundle to Rilgor Plegnog to receive Gnomish Translating Device.


 Step 9

Go to Burning Woods and locate a sarnak imitator. Give him Gnomish Translating Device and Illegible Tome to receive Tattered Illegible Tome (10-slot container) this item is used in the 1.5 Epic Quest.

1.5 Pre-Quest Complete!




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