Enchanter 2.0 Epic Guide
Staff of Eternal Eloquence


To begin this quest you must have completed the Enchanter 1.5 Epic quest.

Potentially Pre-farmable Steps

**Not all are 100% confirmed, just something you may want to review before beginning the quest. This assumes OoW is unlocked.**

Step 2 – Loot Heart of a Twisted Stoneservant from a twisted stoneservant in Riwwi
Step 4 – Loot Volatile Vampyre Blood from a Coterie insatiate in Tenebrous Mountains
Step 6 – Buy items from merchants on Faydwer
Step 7 – Loot Harnessing Stone from Miriku the Chaotic in Kael
Step 10 – Loot Mountain Pooka Meat from a mountain pooka in Vxed
Step 17 – Loot Globe of Discordant Energy in Anguish

Step 1

Go to Burning Woods and locate a sarnak imitator.

Say “purifying”
Say “races”

to receive emote:


Step 2

Go to Riwwi and locate a twisted stoneservant. These are golem type trash mobs. Kill them and loot
Heart of a Twisted Stoneservant. A tracker helps here. See the Red Circle on the map where I found my spawns. It dropped 3 of 3 times for me so possibly 100% drop rate. You only need 1.

Step 3

1) Go to Wakening Lands with a group or two and locate Alaurin. He roams around north of Plane of Growth. Give him Heart of a Twisted Stoneservant to receive emote:

This will also spawn a luminescent geonid in the southern caves (-2720, -20). Kill it and loot Luminescent Crystal. 1-2 group to kill him.

Hits 2800+
Low HP

2) While still in Wakening Lands, go back to Alaurin. Give him Luminescent Crystal to receive
Purifying Crystal Fragment.



Step 4

Go to Tenebrous Mountains with a group and locate a Coterie insatiate. He is immune to melee but has low HP. Take caster damage. Kill it and loot Volatile Vampyre Blood.



Step 5

Go to Western Wastes and locate Vohnkare (+770, -2470). Give it Volatile Vampyre Blood to receive Purifying Crystal Fragment.

Step 6

Collect 4 items:

1) Gnomish Candy (Tradable) – Sold in Ak’Anon from Clockwork Merchant (Just outside where Enchanter Spells are sold — (+1120, -1040)

2) Koada`Dal Silk (Tradable) – Sold in Northern Felwithe by Merchant Tyslin (Use Find). See map – He’s on the 2nd floor.

3) Feir`Dal Champagne (Tradable) – Sold in Greater Faydark (Kelethin) by Innkeep Anisyla (Use Find).

4) Dwarven Steel (Tradable) – Sold in South Kaladim by Gretta Mottle (Use Find).


Step 7

Go to Kael Drakkel and locate Miriku the Chaotic. This is an easy kill, but he is behind Derakor the Vindicator who is in the way. 1-2 groups max to kill Derakor, and less people are needed if Derakor isn’t up. Kill Miriku the Chaotic and loot Harnessing Stone.


Step 8

1) Go to Lesser Faydark and locate a brownie noble (+1870, +3080). Give it:

Gnomish Candy
Koada`Dal Silk
Feir`Dal Champagne
Dwarven Steel

to receive emote:

2) Next give a brownie noble your Harnessing Stone to receive Purifying Crystal Fragment.



Step 9

Locate Feyana Lightwing in Greater Faydark. She roams. She’s typically north of the Butcherblock zone line. A tracker helps.
“Hail” her
Say “crystal”
Say “favor”


Step 10

Form a group and head to Barindu, Hanging Guardians. Locate Apprentice Udranda and say “vxed” to start a Vxed instance. Zone in. Kill a mountain pooka until you get Mountain Pooka Meat.

Step 11

1) Go to Jaggedpine Forest with a couple groups and locate Chef Brargus. Give him Mountain Pooka Meat. You’ll receive emote:

2) While still in Jaggedpine Forest go to location (-37, -370). At this spot Firwyn will spawn. Kill her and loot Dryad Necklace. This is a mini-raid boss.

– Hits 1800+
– Casts Decaying Foliage (Targeted AE, 900 DoT, Diseased Based)
– Casts Shackleroot (Single Target, Root + 500 DD, Magic -1000)


Step 12

Go back to Feyana Lightwing in Greater Faydark. She roams. She’s typically north of the Butcherblock zone line. A tracker helps. Give her Dryad Necklace to receive Purifying Crystal Fragment.

Step 13

1) Buy a Jeweler’s Kit of some type from a merchant somewhere (Noirin Khalen – Plane of Knowledge – Use Find – Sells Planar Jeweler’s Kit)

2) Combine 4x Purifying Crystal Fragment in your Jeweler’s Kit to create Purifying Crystal (no-fail).

3) Combine your 1.5 Epic: Oculus of Persuasion and Purifying Crystal in your Jeweler’s Kit to receive an emote. This is a flag. You will get your 1.5 Epic: Oculus of Persuasion back.

Step 14

Go to Wall of Slaughter with a raid and locate Cipheron. Kill it and loot Tattered Incantation.

– Hits 2,000+
– AE Rampages
– High HP
– Rampages
– Casts Aftershock (NPC Hatelist, 1500 DD, 87% FD Proc, -250 Prismatic)
– Casts Crushing Blow (Single Target, 1500 DD, -400 Magic based)

Step 15

Go to Nobles’ Causeway with a raid and locate Withering Murkglider (-1370, +1020). It won’t attack you unless you attack it. Kill it and loot Noxious Secretion.

– Hits 2,000+
– Flurries
– Spawns waves of adds that cast Energy Burst (PBAE, 4000 DD, Unresistable) when killed. They have low HP. Make sure to kill them slow enough that your raid doesnt blow itself up by killing them all at once.

Step 16

Go to Nedaria’s Landing and locate Priestess Rakhu (+1400, +1050). Give her Tattered Incantation and Noxious Secretion to receive Channeling Crystal (2-slot container).

Step 17

Raid Anguish, the Fallen Palace and obtain a  Globe of Discordant Energy.

Drops from the following events:

Keldovan the Harrier/Jelvan (only one of the two based on who you kill last)
Warden Hanvar/Ture
(only one of the two based on who you kill last)
Arch Magus Vangl
Overlord Mata Muram

Step 18

Combine your 1.5 Epic: Oculus of Persuasion and  Globe of Discordant Energy in Channeling Crystal (2-slot container) to receive your 2.0 Epic: Staff of Eternal Eloquence!

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