Jade Hoop of Speed

Cord of Invigoration

Mace of the Ancients

Ring of Farsight

Frizznik’s Endless Coin Purse

You can cycle through any of these rewards by exchanging one with another via Councilwoman Kerasha (Top of the Elevator in PoKnowledge).


This is a Two Part quest. The first part involves doing an escort mission in PoNightmare. For the second part, you’ll need Essence of Fire/Wind/Water/Earth from each of the respective Elemental Gods.

You may have to be Elemental flagged to complete this quest, but I have not personally confirmed this.

You can find a YouTube video guide >> HERE <<

Part 1 – PoNightmare Escort

1) First, speak to Aid Eino at the top of the Elevator in PoKnowledge.

“Hail” him.
“i will help you”



2) To begin, go to PoNightmare. There is a tree on the south side of the creek. Stand there.

At 10PM in-game time spam the phrase “quellious be my guide” at (-530, +1685).

This will spawn Aid Eino. He will begin to roam around the zone. Mobs will spawn at various points. You’ll need to kill the waves while keeping Aid Eino alive.

**You can supposedly do this in an instance (DZ) as well, but can only attempt one time per in-game day. If you fail you must wait again until 10PM.**

Watch this Youtube Video to get further details on this escort quest. Generally, you’ll want maybe a group or two  to do this quest. However, if raid geared, or if you have an Enchanter (for mez and slow), it can be done with much less. It is unlikely you’ll die at level 65 doing this escort; the main issue is keeping the NPC you need to escort alive. Keep mobs off of him at all costs.

The NPC is moderately tanky, but cannot be healed or buffs, however he does regen super fast outside of combat. You can also aggro him if you accidentally attack him, if this happens you can mem blue him (another reason to have an enchanter).


**Trash also can get in the way and will attack, if you are in an instance (DZ) you can pre-clear the trash if you wish.**


Most, if not everything, is slowable and mezzable

Wave 1 – 4x a tortured banshee

Wave 2 – 2x a nightstalker (level 60)

Wave 3 – 5x hobgoblin

Wave 4 – 4x a tortured banshee + 4x a torment bat

*3-4 minute of downtime before boss – Aid Eino will sit down*

Boss Wave – The Dreamkeeper – Slowable, hits 500 (35 Heroic Stamina), easy boss

Loot Strand of Nightmare from The Dreamkeeper’s corpse. After the boss dies Aid Eino will stand around a minute or so longer then eventually will start to walk towards the PoTranquility zone-out stone. Once he arrives he will emote:

When you see the emote give him Strand of Nightmare to receive Tiny Gold Fist (earring item). Aid Eino will despawn. This completes your pre-flag requirement. You can now move onto Part 2 once you have Tiny Gold Fist.

Part 2 – Final Combine

The >> YouTube Video << covers Part 2 as well.

Go to the top of the library elevator in PoKnowledge and say “what essences of power” to Councilwoman Kerasha to receive  Sacred Bowl (4-slot container).

Combine the 4x Elemental Essences from each of the Elemental Gods into  Sacred Bowl (4-slot container).

You’ll receive Power of the Planes.

Give Power of the Planes back to Councilwoman Kerasha to receive your reward (see rewards section at the top of this page)!!




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