– Overhaste AA ranks have not been updated for many years. There are currently 8 ranks.

– Not every class can always use the “First Available” item in a given rank.

Overhaste/+HP Regen
Rank Rank Name First Available Overhaste/+HP Regen
1/8 Hidden Power No Items 3%/+3
2/8 Primal Guard PoP 5%/+5
3/8 Taelosian Guard GoD 8%/+8
4/8 Ancient Power OoW 10%/+10
5/8 Ancestral Memories I TSS 12%/+12
6/8 Ancestral Memories II SoF 14%/+14
7/8 Ancestral Memories III SoD 16%/+16
8/8 Ancient Flames Hardcore Heritage (Nagafen’s Lair) 17%/+18



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