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How does it work?

The first thing to know about the map background is to know that it is set by the file cart.tga

You can find your cart.tga file in your uifiles/default folder in your Everquest Directory. By default the full directory path would be:

C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\EverQuest\uifiles\default

You may be asking what a .tga file is.

A .tga file (short for Targa) is a type of image file. It is commonly used in video games to save textures. For example Everquest uses .tga files for certain UI graphics within the game. .tga files can be edited with photo editing software such as Photoshop, GIMP, and many others.

By default this file is 64x64 pixels, which is not very big. What Everquest does is repeats this 64x64 pixel file in a pattern to cover up your entire map background. This is why you see small faint square lines throughout the texture of your map background. When paired with the generally fuzzy map background texture this can be hard on the eyes and sometimes make it difficult to see things, such as the neon green font or lines that some maps have.

Below is an example of the default map background with red arrows showing some of the the faint lines that get created between the tiles:


How do I change it?

Locate your cart.tga file. in your EverQuest\uifiles\default directory. Below is an example of the file you’re looking for in Windows 10:

I have attached 3 files below that will make your background a solid tan. There are 3 shades of tan to choose from. Tan seems to work best to contrast the widest variety of colors used in map labels and lines.

Remember the 64x64 pixel lines that we went over earlier? You’ll no longer see them and will have a smooth background!

Simply download the file of your choosing, rename it to cart, then replace your default cart.tga file with the new one. Make sure to backup your default cart.tga file into another directory FIRST in case you decide to revert. Also read the README below!



Note 1: Back up your default cart.tga into another directory FIRST in case you decide to revert.

Note 2:
  The current filenames of the file you download are as follows: cartdark, cartmid, or cartlight. You’ll need to rename the file you download from this page to cart to replace the original cart file.

Note 3:
You can do this while logged in. You’ll just need to camp out to character select and log back in for it to take effect.


Dark Tan

Mid Tan

Light Tan


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