Read this entire article before purchasing anything from the Daybreak Store!

1) To transfer a character to another server you’ll need to purchase a Character Transfer Token for 2500 points (2250 if subscribed) from the in game Daybreak Store. It is possible that this item can occasionally go on sale. Keep in mind some server transfers might be free. This can change at Daybreak’s discretion.

Open the Daybreak Store by clicking the icon or typing /market, then go to –> All Items –> Services –> General. Screenshot HereIt is here you’ll be able to buy the Character Transfer Token.

There are many limitations and rules for transferring between servers, and these can change over time. I highly recommend reading the entire article on Daybreaks Official Website before purchasing a Character Transfer Token:


2) Consume your  Character Transfer Token by typing /servertransfer and selecting your destination server.

It will tell you if your current name (aka Original) is available on your selected destination server. If it’s not available then you must a choose a new (aka Alternate) name before transferring. You’ll only be able to choose a new name if your current name name is taken. If your name is not taken on the destination server and you want to change your name upon transfer, then I recommend creating a new character on the destination server with your current name so that you can choose a different name upon transfer. If you don’t do this then you’ll have to pay for a name change after transferring.


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