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 Everquest Setup Guides (New/Returning Players)


Download Everquest From Daybreak Here:

Alternatively go to and click the link. You’ll need to make an account.


Watch a video tutorial below (possibly more to come later!)

 > Basic Setup, UI, and Command Tips <


Some Basic Commands and Hotkeys to know a for a new Install are:

/help – help menu to find commands
/chatfontsize (1-10) – changes font size of text
/showspelleffects on|off – Toggles Spell Effects
/charinfo –
shows bind and origin points
/bazaar (/baz for short)
– opens bazaar window (Luclin+)
/assist off
– turns off auto attack on assist
/who (class/race/guild/level/name)
– zone who command
/who all (class/race/guild/level/name)
– serverwide who command
/friend (name) – add/remove a player to/from your friends list
Alt + O – Options Menu
Alt + W – Windows Selector
Ctrl + F – Find Window
Alt + F – Friends List window






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