Fennin Ro the Tyrant of Fire Guide
Plane of Fire

Below is a map of the general layout of the event.

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Phase 1
Kill Guardian of Doomfire to start the event. He has approx 3 day respawn.

– Approx 175K HP
– Hits 1500+
– Slowable
– Flurries

Phase 2
Kill the trash packs (smaller yellow circles on the above map). They have a small aggro radius so in some cases they won’t all aggro at once. The doomfire “demon models” are rootable. They rampage and can hit for 2000+. The packs are all slowable. There are 9 packs (if I counted right).

Phase 3
Once you clear all the trash packs 4x named and some additional trash will spawn. Keep the raid away from them so the pullers have room to split.

Azobian the Darklord
– 220K HP
– Slowable
– Hit me for 1100 max only on 35 Hstam Warrior, but likely hits harder
– Casts Infernal Darkness (PBAE, Blind, Unresistable, 30 sec recast)

Hebabbilys the Ragelord
– 220K HP
– Slowable
– Hits 3500+ (Hit me 2100 with Defensive Up and 35 Hstam)
– Self-buffs Ravaging Rage of the Fiends (Haste/Attack buff). Dispel/slow him ASAP.

Javonn the Overlord
– 220K HP
– Slowable
– Hit me for 2000+ on 35 Hstam Warrior, may hit even harder
– Casts Fiery Assault (PBAE, 2 sec stun/500 DD/Spin Stun, -400 Fire Based)

Reaxnous the Chaoslord
– 220K HP
– Slowable
– Hits 2000+
– Casts Rain of Burning Fire (Targeted AE, 1000 DD rain, -400 Fire Based)

Phase 4

At this point your raid can move up to the entrance of Fennin Ro’s castle. This phase consists of killing another 4x named mobs (pretty trivial) that can be pulled out of Fennin’s castle.

Once the 4th mob dies two things happen:

1) Fennin Ro spawns on his throne

2) Some demons will spawn blocking the bridge preventing further players from running in. You can still Call of Hero or corpse drag.

Chancellor Kirtra
– 250K HP
– Hits 1500+
– Slowable
– Casts Web of Flame (PBAE, Root/-50 Mana Drain DoT, -150 Fire Based) 1 min CD

Chancellor Traxom

– 250K HP
– Hits 1600+
– Slowable
– Casts Rising Suns (Single Target, Blind/500 DoT, -300 Fire Based), 1 min CD

Omni Magus Crato
– 250K HP
– Hit me for 600 max only on 35 Hstam Warrior, but likely hits harder.
– Slowable
– Casts Comet of Flames (Targeted AE, 3300 DD/-500 Mana, -400 Fire Resist)

Warlord Prollaz
– 250K HP
– Hits 1500+
– Slowable
– Rampage

Phase 5
Time to kill Fennin Ro! Most guilds tank him in the outside corner of the steps. This is due to his AE rampage. New PoP guilds might want to consider a Complete Heal chain. Overgeared guilds can spam heals on the tank. Melee should stay max range. He has an AE DD and Mana Drain as well (see below).

A standard setup would look something like:

– 1.1 Million HP
– Hits 2500+
– Slowable
– AE Rampage
– Casts Cataclysm of Ro (PBAE, 3300 DD/-100 Mana Drain DoT/100 HP DoT,  -1000 Fire Based, 18 curse cure)

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