Pixtt Riel Tavas Raid Guide


When first entering the room you’ll be aggroed by 2x a corrupted construct’s. Kill these off first. Pixtt Riel Tavas is perma-rooted. Once 2x a corrupted construct’s are dead you can engage Pixtt Riel Tavas. She is essentially a tank and spank until 30% HP.

At 30% HP she will continuously spawn an unstable construct adds. These will spawn until she is dead, so it’s best to burn her down once they start spawning. If an unstable construct is killed it will trigger the AE Cataclysm of Stone (PBAE, 3000 DD, -350 Chromatic Based). They only have 250HP each so they are easy to kill by accident. If you kill them all at once and the raid gets hit everyone will die instantly, because of this you will want to mez/stun them and burn down Pixtt Riel Tavas ASAP, then worry about killing the an unstable construct’s after.

 NOTE: Do NOT use damage shield on this fight! Have everyone stack on the boss.


Pixtt Riel Tavas also casts a few different spells including Feign Death on the tank. Having at least 50 Alcohol Tolerance is recommended as one of the spells can make you drunk. Have Poison Cure ready to go as she casts a PBAE slow. She also attacks faster at both 50% and 10% HP.

Pixtt Riel Tavas

– 1.7 million HP
– Hits 4.9k+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Slowable
– Flurries
– Attacks faster at 50% and 10% HP
– Casts Delusional Visions (Single Target, 4000 DD + Drunk if Alcohol Tolerance is not > 50.
– Casts Wrath of the Ikaav (Single Target, 7000 DD, Feign Death, 10 second stun, Unresistable)
– Casts Ikaav’s Venom (PBAE, -50% Attack Speed, 4000 DD, -300 Magic Based, 36 Poison Cure)


 a corrupted construct

– 500K HP
– Hits 3800+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Flurries
– Rampage
– Slowable

an unstable construct

– 250 HP
– Mezzable
– Casts Cataclysm of Stone (PBAE, 3000 DD, -350 Chromatic Based) on death




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