Pixtt Xxeric Kex Raid Guide


Pixtt Xxeric Kex has a few different phases based on her HP %. Save discs for 50% or lower HP; sometime after she spawns her adds. 30% HP may be a good time to burn since her melee damage will go back up at this point and all adds will be up.

100% HP:
– Hits 5K+ (35 Heroic Stamina), Perma-rooted

90% HP: 

– Hits 4.5k+ (35 Heroic Stamina), Flurries, No longer Perma-rooted.

70% HP: 

– Hits 5800+ (35 Heroic Stamina), AE Rampage

50% HP:

– 4x adds spawn. They are slowable and hit for 3k+ (35 Heroic Stamina), Approx 60K HP each. Each one will respawn twice upon death. There will be 12 total adds but only 4 can be up at a time. The best bet here is the CC/Root them away and don’t worry about killing them during the fight. You can kill them after burning down Pixtt Xxeric Kex.

– 1x an ukun juxtapincer: stunnable
– 1x an ukun lifebleeder:
– 1x an ukun manasipper:
– 1x an ukun ragehound:

– During this phase  Pixtt Xxeric Kex will hit for 3800+ and AE rampage.

30% HP:

– Hits 5K+ (35 Heroic Stamina), AE Rampage

10% HP:

Pixtt Xxeric Kex will heal back up to 40% HP. Continues to Hit for 5k+. Burn her down.

She also casts other spells during the fight that need to be considered:

Pixxt Xxeric Kex Bonus Info

– 1.5 million HP (1.9 million with heal)
– Hits 5.8K + (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Slowable
– AE Rampage
– Has 5 emotes that indicate phase changes
– Casts Wave of Rage (PBAE, 4000 DD, -500 HP DoT, -400 INT/WIS, 396 Poison Cure, -350 Prismatic Based)
– Casts Trample (Single Target, 2 second stun, -150 Magic Based)
– Casts Spirit Cleaver (Single Target, -500 ATK, 1225 HP/Tick DoT, -400 Mana and Endurance/Tick DoT, -350 Stats, -350 Prismatic Based, 297 Poison Counter Cure)







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