Zun`Muram Shaldn Boc Raid Guide


– 2 Million HP
– Hits 5500+
– Rampages
– Slowable

 This is a tank and spank fight. He will periodically go in and out of a “blind rage”. He will emote when this happens:

When he enters a blind rage he will hit harder. From what I can tell, the lower HP % he is when he goes into blind rage the harder he will hit while in it. The duration of blind rage seems to start out at 20 second duration at 100% HP, but may be linked his HP % pool.

You can see my log below, keep in mind when he was at lower HP % I was DPSing slower on purpose, and his blind rages were lasting longer, which makes me think blind rage duration is tied to HP %, but not 100% confirmed.

Blind Rage mode with 35 Heroic Stamina:

100% HP:
Hits 4200+
90% HP: Hits 4300+
70% HP: Hits 4600+
50% HP: Hits 4900+
15% HP: Hits 5400+
5% HP: Hits 5500+




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