High Priest Nkosi Bakari
Gates of Discord: Txevu



This event takes place takes place in the southeast tunnels of Txevu. It requires 1 person in the raid to have  Polished Stone Key to enter these tunnels, which drops from the Mastruq Champion raid event.

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You’ll first need to clear the Vrex Invoker out of each of the 5x blue circles. Each circle also has 4 – 5 additional Tiv Prayer Chanter mobs. Tiv Prayer Chanter can be mezzed. Each time a Vrex Invoker dies Shade of Vrex Invoker will spawn and  path to High Priest Nkosi Bakari’s room. They aren’t attackable (yet) and can be ignored. Once all 5 Vrex Invoker are dead you can engage the High Priest.

High Priest

Once you’re at the High Priest you’ll see the 5x Shade of Vrex Invoker next him. All mobs will aggro. Focus on killing the High Priest. Each time he gets to 50% HP one of the Shade of Vrex Invoker will despawn and he will instant heal to 100% HP. Keep getting him down to 50% until all of the Shade of Vrex Invoker are gone. Once they are all gone you’ll be able to kill the High Priest.


The High Priest has a nasty AE slow/spell cast time debuff. Have curse cure ready. The Shade of Vrex Invoker’s can charm people, but don’t hit very hard.

See below for details on each NPC.


Tiv Prayer Chanter (Invoker Adds)
– Hits Approx. 2000 (35 H-Stamina)
– Approx 250K HP
– Casts Clinging Mud (Single Target, Snare, -350 Prismatic)
– Casts Geotension (Single Target, Root, -350 Prismatic)
– Casts Taelosian Vengeance (Single Target, Slow, -350 Prismatic, 16 Disease Counter Cure)
– Mezzable
– Slowable

Vrex Invoker Raziya
– Approx. 650K HP
– Hits 2200+ (35 H-Stamina)
– Casts Rock Storm (Targeted AE, 250 DD, -350 Pristmatic)
– Slowable

Vrex Invoker Kashka
– Approx. 600K HP
– Hits 2200+ (35 H-Stamina)
– Casts Clinging Stone (Single Target, Mez, -350 Prismatic)
– Slowable

Vrex Invoker Jahzara
Approx. 775K HP
Hits 2200+ (35 H-Stamina)
Casts Geostrike (Single Target, 1000DD, -350 Prismatic)
– Slowable

Vrex Invoker Malik
– Approx. 750K HP
– Hits 2200+ (35 H-Stamina)
– Casts Stone Animation (Summon Pets)
– Slowable

Vrex Invoker Akello
– Approx. 600K HP
– Hits 2200+ (35 H-Stamina)
– Casts Earth Wave (PBAE, 600DD + Stun, -350 Prismatic)
– Slowable


High Priest Nkosi Bakari

– Hits 2600+ (35 H-Stamina)
– Casts Wrath of Trushar (PBAE, -50% Spell Haste, 40% Slow, 3000 DD, -500 HP/Tick, Snare, -325 Magic Based, 45 Curse Counter)
– Slowable

Shade of a Vrex Invoker
– Hits Approx. 300
– Casts Spiritual Possession (Single Target, Charm, -1000 Magic Based)




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