Ikaav Nysf Lleiv Raid Guide

Upon entering the room you’ll see 3x Vrex mobs (non-aggro), 10x an apprentice mobs (perma-rooted, but cast spells) in the stands, and Ikaav Nysf Lleiv herself (perma-rooted).

When Ikaav Nysf Lleiv is aggroed, Onyx  Golem mobs will begin to spawn every 30 seconds in the middle of the room. Some can be mezzed, others cannot if they are too high of level (in era). You’ll want to kill/mez Onyx  Golems as they spawn.

Depending on the strenth of your raid force you can either kill an apprentice mobs in the stands, or ignore them and stay away. They are perma rooted but will cast cleric spells, such as Complete Heal (The PC Cleric spell version: 7500 HP), Reckoning (Direct Damage, easy to resist), Spell/Melee absorbs, and summon pets. Once they are out of mana they won’t do much.

DPS down Ikaav Nysf Lleiv. Every 25% HP one of the Vrex mobs becomes active. Vrex mobs don’t attack, but if killed then Onyx Golems will spawn less frequently. If all 3 Vrex are killed Onyx Golems stop spawning. You can choose to kill Vrex mobs or just burn down Ikaav Nysf Lleiv if you have a strong enough raid force. Kill Ikaav Nysf Lleiv to finish the event.

Be aware that Ikaav Nysf Lleiv does occasionally cast Commanding Presence: PBAE, -350 Magic Based Charm.

Vrex Mechanics

Onyx Golem spawns every 30 seconds with all 3x Vrex up

75% HP = Vrex Stonemaster Hateq activates
– 250K HP
– Doesn’t attack
Onyx Golems spawns every 1 minute if killed

50% HP = Vrex Stonemaster Lorasa activates
– 250K HP
– Doesn’t attack
Onyx Golems spawns every 1 minute 30 seconds if killed

25% HP = Vrex Stonemaster Veset activates
– 250K HP
– Doesn’t attack
Onyx Golems stop spawning if killed

 Ikaav Nysf Lleiv

– 1 Million HP
– Hits 2100+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Slowable
– Flurries
– Casts Commanding Presence (PBAE, Charm, -350 Magic Based)
– Casts Malicious Intent (PBAE, Up to -50% spell damage, 1000 DD, 50% snare, -250 ATK, -100 Stats, -300 Magic Based)
– Casts Chaos Guard (Self Buff, Mitigate 50% damage, 20K melee + spell damage)
– Permarooted
– Summons


Onyx Golems

– Ones level 68 and below can be mezzed (in era). Some spawn up to level 70 so won’t be mezzable using Gates era spells.
– 80K to 100K HP
– Slowable
– Hits 1300+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Spawn every 30 seconds initially, then less frequently based on how many Vrex‘s are alive


an apprentice “X”

– 75K HP
– Hit 1000+
– Some Flurry
– Permarooted
– Casts Complete Heal (PC Cleric Version: 7500 HP)
– Casts Reckoning (600 DD, Magic Based, generally easy to resist)
– Casts Chaos Guard (Single Target, Mitigate 50% damage, 20K melee + spell damage)
– Summons Pets
– Casts minor Cleric Buffs


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