Mastruq Champion Raid Event

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When you approach the event room entrance a script will start. The Runt will spawn after the dialogue. Kill it to start the event. It falls over quickly.

As soon as The Runt dies Mastruq Champion will attack. Ixt Hsek Syat also spawns and attacks. These guys both hit like trucks so get a tank on each. Keep them somewhat away from each other.

Mastruq Champion AE Rampages and Ixt Hsek Syat has a PB AE Knockback.


Kill Mastruq Champion first, if you don’t Ixt Hsek Syat will start emoting for Mastruq Champion to assist in attack its target later in the fight. Killing the person tanking Ixt Hsek Syat (see emote).

A few easy adds also spawn in early in the fight while you’re killing Ixt Hsek Syat, you can just kill them off. Some may be mezzable based on what level they spawn as.

Kill both bosses to win the event!

Mastruq Champion

Approx. 600K HP
AE Rampage
Hits 2500+ (35 H-Stamina)


Ixt Hsek Syat

Approx. 1.6 Million HP
Hits 3600+ (35 H-Stamina)
Casts Vengeance of the Ixt (PBAE, 3000 DD + Knockback, -300 Magic Based)
Casts Trample (Single Target, Stun + DD, -150 Magic Based)



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