Grieg’s End Raid Quick Guide

You’ll need a Grieg’s Key off one of the random named in the zone in order to open the door to either Servitor of Luclin or Grieg Veneficus. This is a temporary key. The doors cannot be pick locked. The named that drop the key are (there may be others, use a tracker):

Amnarra Nogzabin
Deoreo Bexuarrana
Hyraja Mazarduruk
Khemot Agarthizar
Prast Ianitor


Servitor of Luclin

Servitor of Luclin is one of, if not the easiest “raid” boss in Luclin. He has no special abilities. He is in a small room by himself.

– Flurries
– Hits 550+
– Slowable
– Low HP,  100K Estimate


Grieg Veneficus

After opening the locked door to Greg Veneficus, you’ll see a portal ahead that ports you up to his room. Grieg Veneficus has a lot of trash mobs “a shadow master” in his room. Some of the mobs are invisible. You must clear the entire room in order to aggro him. For raid setup, find a spot where healers can hide behind a wall and casters/range can be at max range. This is to avoid his PBAE knockback. Tank him in a corner. This is one of the easier Luclin bosses.

– Hits 600+
– Slowable
– Low Resists
– Low HP (200K?) Not verified.

His Major spells are:

– Casts Upheavel (PBAE, Knockback/5 Sec Stun/600 DD, -300 Magic Based)
– Casts Gravel Rain (PBAE, Snare and 250 DD, Curse Cure (72), -300 Magic Based)
– Casts Spire Strike (Single Target, Blind, Pushback, 1200 DD, -200 Fire Based)

He also casts minor single target DDs, DoTs, and roots:

– Casts Dustdevil
– Casts Enveloping Roots
– Casts Invoke Lightning
– Casts Immolate
– Casts Frozen Wind
– Casts Sylvan Burn
– Casts Applied Singularity


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