Given by
: Daleynn Spiritshadow (Dark Reign) / Bianca Galbraith (Norrath’s Keepers)
Faction Requirement: Amiable
Group Size: 3 players+
Reward: 1x Token, 41x Crystals


– You’ll receive a Lens of Truth when requesting this mission. Save this for Objective 6.

Objective 1:
– Head to Thundercrest Isles by following the Green Line on the compass while in The Broodlands.

Objective 2:

– Head to the “garden room” for an update. See map


Objective 3: 

In the garden 4x a defunct sentry spawn. Kill them. They have very low HP and don’t hit hard. When the 3rd one dies you’ll see an emote:

Note: Sometimes they can drop Lens of Truth. If one drops for you, it can be used as a backup to the one you get from requesting the mission (they only have 1 charge each). See its use on Objective 6.


Objective 4 + 5: 

Locate and kill Furious Sentry. It can spawn in 1 of 2 rooms. Loot Energy Crystal from its corpse. Ideally the person with the Lens of Truth should loot this.

– Hits 900+ (35 Heroic Stamina).
– 46K HP



Objective 6:

1) Go to the location on the map (far east of zone).
Put Energy Crystal on your cursor
Target yourself and click Lens of Truth.

Note: If player 1 has Lens of Truth and player 2 has Energy Crystal then Player 1 can click Lens of Truth on Player 2 while they hold Energy Crystal on their cursor. Caster classes can also use the Identify spell if needed.

This will give the task update and also spawn Creator Kro`val in the room.


Objective 7:

Kill Creator Kro`val to complete the mission.

– Hits Approx 1,000 (35 Heroic Stamina)
– 58K HP

NOTE: Don’t forget to turn in your Dark Reign Token or Norrath’s Keepers Token to Xeib Darkskies (Dark Reign) or Tatsujiro the Serene (Norrath’s Keepers) in Lavastorm Mountains.



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