Grummus Raid Guide
Plane of Disease

Grummus is located deep underneath the castle in his crypt. In order to get to him you’ll first need to kill Gryme the Crypt Guardain, who drops Gryme’s Crypt Key. This key is temporary. It allows you to open the door that leads to Grummus.


Gryme the Crypt Guardain is quite easy:

– Can be 1 grouped
– Casts Stench of Decay (PBAE, 200 HP DoT, Disease Based)
– Hits 600+
– 100K or less HP.
– Slowable


Once you’re inside clear trash until you reach Aramin the Spider Guardian:

– Hits 800+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Slowable
– Approx. 140K HP
– Rampages
– Spawns spider adds upon death
– Permarooted — can pre-debuff him
– Casts Plague Silk (Targeted AE, 300 HP/tick + Snare)

A bit further in you’ll reach Grummus:

– Hits 1500+
–  Slowable
– Casts Decay of the Plaguebringer (Single Target, 300 HP/Tick DoT + 60% Slow, Disease Based)
– Casts Stench of Decay (PBAE, 200 HP DoT, Disease Based)
– Casts Plasma Decay (PBAE, DoT with damage that increases more each tick, Disease Based)
– Approx. 500K HP

Once Grummus is dead, hail the Planar Projection. Click on the sewer cap to reveal the the zone in to Crypt of Decay. Drop down.



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