Guise of Horror
Quest Guide

Both Bards and Rogues can do this quest from the start. Guise of Horror is NO TRADE, even on free trade servers.

However, an item given half way through this quest ( Shakey’s Dilapidated Noggin) is tradable on all servers, so if you get one from another player you can skip a good chunk of the quest. You get 2 of these after completing Steps 1 – 7, so people who completed all Steps may have a spare laying around. Having this item will allow you to skip to Step 8 in this guide.

Step 1

Go to Rivervale and locate Shakey Scarecrow.

“Hail” him
Say “shakey”. He won’t respond

Next to him you’ll also see Reebo Leafsway.
“Hail” him
Say “shakey”
Say “head”
Say “research”

Note: You may need to use sneak to talk to Reebo Leafsway if your faction is low

See full dialogue >> HERE <<


Step 2

Go to the top floor of the Library in Erudin. Give Sornita Eltern 2pp to receive Torn Parchment.

Step 3

Go to to Tower of Frozen Shadow and kill Dark Huntress. She is on the 5th floor. A small group may be needed in era. You will need to get keyed or have someone with the keys escort you up. Respawn may be a couple of hours (not 100% confirmed). Loot Water-Stained Ancient Tome.


While here, go to up Floor 6 and loot ground spawn Vial of Boiling Acid off the alchemy table. This will be needed later in the quest.

Step 4

Go back to the Erudin Library and give Water-Stained Ancient Tome to Sornita Eltern to receive
Translated Ancient Tome. This item is a recipe book showing you what to collect in the next step, but you won’t need it since we’ll be going over what to collect.



Step 5

Next, you’ll need to collect 10 items. These are mostly ground spawns.

Frightful Carved Pumpkin
Shapely Vegetation
Stringy Vines
Vial of Boiling Acid
Miragul’s Reanimation Formula
Cage of Transmutation (9-slot container)
Tears of the Forgotten
Ancient Dragon Claw
Tattooed Zombie Skin
Unnatural Orange Flame

A Frightful Carved Pumpkin – Unrest – Ground spawn in Maze close to zone in.

Shapely Vegetation Fungus Grove Ground spawn. Apparently Multiple Spawn Points, but I only found one (see map: Loc: +176, +347). Look under Ferns. They are near bandit camps. They look like snowballs.

 Stringy Veins – Grieg’s End – See screenshot for location. Ground spawn.

 Vial of Boiling Acid Tower of Frozen Shadow – Floor 6 on the alchemy table. Ground spawn. You should have this already if you are following the guide.

 Miragul’s Reanimation Formula Everfrost Group LDON missions – Drops randomly out of chests/barrels in Everfrost Group Missions. I requested the “hard version” and got it on the second chest.

 Cage of Transmutation (9-slot container) ChardokB (Hall of Betrayal) – Ground spawn in Korocust’s room. This is a 9 slot container.

 Tears of the Forgotten Plane of Justice – say “remember” to a forgotten spirit to receive this.

 Ancient Dragon Claw Dragon Necropolis – Ground spawn.

 Tattooed Zombie SkinHate’s Fury – Ground spawn.

 Unnatural Orange FlameSwamp of No Hope – Drops from a dancing flame which spawns up in the treetop.

Step 6

Once you have all 10 items, use  Cage of Transmutation as a container and combine the other 9 items into it to create Jack-O-Lantern.

Step 7

Go back to Rivervale and give Shakey Scarecrow your Jack-O-Lantern to receive 2x Shakey’s Dilapidated Noggin.

Note:  Shakey’s Dilapidated Noggin is tradable and you only need 1 for this quest. So give one to a Bard or Rogue friend or alt if you wish.


Step 8

Once you have Shakey’s Dilapidated Noggin you’ll need to kill 5 Wisps in 5 different zones and loot a
from each. These mobs roam and move somewhat fast so a tracker helps. Having a bard is ideal. A small group is enough for this in era (OoW). They hit for about 1200.

Each time you zone into one of the zones with  Shakey’s Dilapidated in your inventory you’ll see an emote and a Wisp will spawn. The mobs may despawn after a little while after you zone in, so don’t waste too much time.

Note: These wisps seem to have a cooldown (around 2 hours). So if someone spawned/killed them recently then they may not spawn.

Zone Mob Drop
Befallen Flighty Rose Wisp Pulsing Rose Lightstone
North Karana Flighty Azure Wisp Radiant Azure Lightstone
PoGrowth Flighty Viridian Wisp Reflective Viridian Lightstone
Stonebrunt Flighty Orange Wisp Shimmering Orange Lightstone
Swamp of No Hope Flighty Violet Wisp Glimmering Violet Lightstone


Step 9

Combine the below in an Oven to create Guise of Horror! This is a no-fail combine.

Pulsing Rose Lightstone
Radiant Azure Lightstone
Reflective Viridian Lightstone
Shimmering Orange Lightstone
Glimmering Violet Lightstone
Shakey’s Dilapidated Noggin


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