Ikkinz Group Trial #1: Singular Might


Step 1

Go to Kod’Taz and locate Kevren Nalavat. Follow all his dialogue where he discusses the trials.

“Hail” him
Say “ready to be tested”
Say “trials”
Say “specific order”
Say “Singular Might”

See Dialogue >> HERE <<


Step 2

While in
Kod’Taz locate Gazak Klelkek. Follow his dialogue to request instance: Ikkinz, Chambers of Singular Might. Follow your compass to zone in. It is inside the temple just next to Gazak Klelkek. There will be some trash to clear to reach the zone in.

Step 3/Fight Info

An Enchanter is helpful for this trial.

You can watch a quick YouTube Guide >> HERE <<

Once inside you’ll need to clear trash until you reach the first room on the right, which has the boss Diabolic Destroyer in it. She is leashed to her room so you can use that to your advantage when pulling trash mobs out. Kill her. When she dies Cruel Illusion will spawn. Kill it (easy) and loot Ruined Pendant of Might.

Diabolic Destroyer spawns Dire Illusion adds as you kill her. You’ll want to mez these, if you kill them they will just respawn. Diabolic Destroyer only has about 60-70K HP so dies very quickly. When she dies all of the Dire Illusion adds will despawn and Cruel Illusion will spawn. Kill Cruel Illusion (very easy). Loot Ruined Pendant of Might. 6 will drop, 1 for everyone!

Hits 1700+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
Boss and adds are both slowable
Adds are Mezzable
Approx. 60-70K HP


Step 4

Go back out to Gazak Klelkek in Kod’Taz and give him  Ruined Pendant of Might to receive emote:




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