Ikkinz Group Trial #2: Chamber of Twin Struggles


Step 1

After completing Trial #1: Singular Might go back to Kevren Nalavat in Kod’Taz.

“Hail” him
Say “ready to continue testing”
Say “trials”
Say “specific order”
Say “twin struggles”

See the dialogue >> HERE <<

Note: You can say “progress update” to him to check your progress/flags.
At this point you should see:


Step 2

Locate Maroley Nazuey in Kod’Taz. This will be a group dungeon.

Follow her dialogue, Say “ready to enter the temple” to get the instance: Ikkinz #2, Chambers of Twin Struggles. A marker will appear on your compass that’ll lead you to the entrance in the nearby temple.

Step 3/Fight Info

You can watch a quick YouTube Guide >> HERE <<

Clear trash until you reach the room in the red circle on the map.

Once you enter the room and get close two Malevolent Priests will begin to cast spells on you. They aren’t attackable yet, but they will continue casting spells on you for the duration of the fight.

Malevolent Assault (Single Target, 750 DD/-100 Stamina, Unresistable)
Coordinated Strike (Single Target, 1500 DD, Unresistable)
Malevolent Vex (Single Target, 150 DoT, Unresistable, 90 curse counters)

The basic premise of this fight is to kill the Constrained  Servitors surrounding the Malevolent Priests. Each time you kill  a Constrained  Servitor the two Malevolent Priests will lose 10% HP. After all Constrained  Servitors are dead, both Malevolent Priests will be become attackable and be at 12% HP or so.

The Constrained  Servitors have low HP (Approx 25K) but can have a large damage shield (500-600) when melee’d, additionally Malevolent Priests can heal them. Constrained  Servitors do not attack.

Malevolent Priests: Hit 1700+ (35 Heroic Stamina). Approx. 60K HP each once attackable.

Once you complete the event loot Stained Stone Chalice from a pile of bones. One spawns on the ground where each Malevolent Priest was originally at.



Step 4

Go back out to Maroley Nazuey in Kod’Taz and give her  Stained Stone Chalice to receive emote:




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