Ikkinz Group Trial #3: Tri-Fates


Step 1

After completing Trial #2: Twin Struggles go back to Kevren Nalavat in Kod’Taz.

“Hail” him
Say “ready to continue testing”
Say “trials”
Say “specific order”
Say “tri-fates”

See the dialogue >> HERE <<

Note: You can say “progress update” to him to check your progress/flags.
At this point you should see:



Step 2

In Kod’Taz locate Kenra Kalekko. Follow her dialogue, say “ready to begin” to receive Ikkinz Trial #3: Chamber of the Tri-Fates. A marker will appear on your compass that’ll lead you to the entrance. This is a group dungeon.

Step 3/Fight Info

You can watch a quick YouTube Guide >> HERE <<

Clear trash until you reach the red circle room on the map. In this room you’ll see 3x Flesh Hunters. You need to kill all 3 to complete the trial.

– Permarooted
– They Shoot Arrows at you, even in melee range
– The arrows do twice as much damage if in melee range (1500+ in melee range, 700+ if ranged) with 35 Heroic Stamina.
– You can Line of Sight them
– 75K HP each
– Slowable
– Procs Chaos Claws (Single Target, Direct Damage + Small DoT, -150 Chromatic, 9 counter poison cure)

Once all 3 Flesh Hunters are dead 2x a pile of bones will spawn in the room. One contains normal loot + Kitren’s Tattered Cloak (For BiC Quest #9).

The other contains Thrice-Notched Arrow Remains. This item is for progression. One will drop for each member in the group. Loot it.


Step 4

Go back to Kenra Kalekko in Kod’Taz. Give her  Thrice-Notched Arrow Remains to receive emote:




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