Journeyman’s Boots Quest Guide

You’ll need 3 items for the final turn-in:

Ring of the Ancients
Shadowed Rapier

Ring of the Ancients

Go to Ocean of Tears. Head to “Cyclops Island”. Kill cyclops’ until an ancient cyclops spawns. He is a rare spawn and any cyclops can be a PH. Kill him and loot Ring of the Ancients. Always drops.



Shadowed Rapier

Shadowed Rapier is an uncommon drop off a shadowed man. a shadowed man spawn in multiple zones across Norrath. Lavastorm Mountains seems to have the most spawns with 9, so this zone is recommended. It is also NO RENT so you’ll only want to get this when you’re ready to do the final turn-in.

Zones that a shadowed man spawn in include (click to see spawn location for each zone):

Innothule Swamp
Lavastorm Mountains
Lesser Faydark
Nektulos Forest
South Karana



Final Turn-In

Once you have Ring of the Ancients, Shadowed Rapier, and 325pp head to The Rathe Mountains.

Here you’ll need to spawn Hasten Bootstrutter. Give him the 3 items above to receive Journeyman’s Boots!

Below is information on how to spawn him:

Hasten Bootstrutter’s PH spawns in the Hill Giant area of Rathe Mountains. It will then roam on a specific path. Hasten Bootstrutter has 4 PH’s: a drake, a grizzly bear, Brother Zephyl, and Maldyn the Unkempt. Kill them as they spawn.The PH respawn timer is 5 minutes. After the PH spawns, it will immediately begin pathing out of the Hill Giant area. This is the best indicator that you have found the correct PH. Hasten Bootstrutter is an uncommon spawn.

Hasten Bootstrutter’s PH will spawn in the circle and follow the red solid line.


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