Kod’Taz Progression Guide #8
Icon of the Alter
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This guide picks up where >> Kod’Taz Progression Guide #7: Ikkinz Raids #1-3 << left off.

Before being able to request Ikkinz Raid #4: Antechamber of Destruction you’ll need to do some Blacksmithing combines to ultimately create Icon of the Altar.

Step 1

Farm 3x Inanimate Ore from golem type mobs in Kod’Taz. These are tradable. Uncommon drop. There are a lot of golems on the Northwest side of the zone inside the temple.

Step 2


Head to Abysmal Sea and locate Joran Mullven. Buy the following items from him:

3x Blazing Torch
3x Flarestone
3x Flaring Coats
3x Inferno Scepter Mold

Total cost to buy all items: 7878pp

Step 3

Combine the following into a forge to create 3x Inferno Scepter (Blacksmithing, 250 Trivial):

1x Blazing Torch
1x Flarestone
1x Flaring Coats
1x Inferno Scepter Mold

Anyone with enough Blacksmithing Skill can do this combine as Inferno Scepter is tradable.

Step 4

NOTE: The next combine to create Vial of Smelted Molten Ore is NO TRADE, so the person working on progression must do this combine. It is also a NO FAIL combine.

Combine the following in any forge to  create 3x Vial of Smelted Molten Ore:

1x Inanimate Ore
1x Inferno Scepter

Step 5

Combine the following in any forge to  create Icon of the Altar. It is a NO FAIL combine.

3x Vial of Smelted Molten Ore
Artifact of Righteousness
Artifact of Glorification
Artifact of Transcendence

Step 6

Go back to Tublik Narwethar in Kod’Taz.

– Say “altar of destruction”
– Say “icon of the altar”
Say “plan”
Say “final step”

See full dialogue >> HERE <<

Give him Icon of the Altar to receive emote:

Progress Update should look like >> THIS <<


You can now move onto >> Kod’Taz Progression Guide #9: Ikkinz Raid #4 <<


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