LDoN – Deepest Guk: The Curse Reborn Guide

Request in: South Ro
Request NPC: Ruwakka
Zone in: Innothule Swap
Difficulty: Hard


Use the Map below as reference for the rest of the guide. Right click and view image to enlarge.


Step 1

This is an escort adventure. You can SoW either Scout if you want, but don’t levitate them as they may bug out.

When you zone in you’ll see two NPC frogs. Scout Mainil and Scout Granos. Say “ready” to Scout Mainil to begin the event. Scout Mainil will immediately start pathing down the hallway. Have the majority of your raid follow and escort him.

Scout Granos will stay inside the room for now. Keep 1-2 groups at the zone in to protect him. Adds will spawn in the small cubby nearby (Blue Circle 1). Keep killing them.



Step 2

Eventually Scout Mainil will reach Red Circle 1 on the map. When this happens, he will repop as a new spawn of himself. This also triggers mobs at the zone to stop spawning and Scout Granos will begin the path down the entrance hallway. At this point the two teams will escort the two frogs simutanously.

Scout Mainil will keep pathing toward Red Circle 2 and Scout Granos will begin his journey to Blue Circle 2.

Step 3

Scout Mainil will reach his destination first (Red Circle 2). Once he gets there he will emote. At this point he becomes self sufficient and will heal himself.  Executioner Gimdk will also spawn here, but is unkillable for now. It is now safe for the Red Team to go help the Blue Team with Scout Granos.


Step 4

Once everyone is together with Scout Granos and he has been escorted to Blue Circle 2 he will already be healing himself and not need to be assisted. At this point you’ll need to kill 3 bosses:

Energy Focus: Spawns in the main room of Blue Circle 2. Casts a 600 hp/tick AE DoT. Casts AE Lower Spell cast by 50%. Also summons some adds.
Spirit Focus:
Spawns in the Top Right Room. Casts a 200 Drain Mana/tick AE DoT + Snare
Matter Focus:
Spawns in the Top Left Room. Casts an AE 8 sec stun and also reflects spells.

Once all 3 are dead The First Witness (who sits above the Energy Focus spawn point) becomes killable. This also makes Executioner Gimdk back at Red Circle 2 become killable. Have a knight aggro The First Witness with stuns and pull him all the way back to Red Circle 2. The entire raid should follow.

** The loot chests spawn in Blue Circle 2 room once Step 5 is complete so have 1 or 2 people stay behind to open them.**

Step 5

Once the entire raid is back at Red Circle 2. Kill Executioner Gimdk first. Once he’s dead then kill The First Witness.    **Do not kill The First Witness before Executioner Gimdk or you will not get all of the chests.**

You’ll get 3 chests that spawn in Blue Circle 2 room. Have your raid stand in the Northeastern most room of the jail (see burgundy circle on map) to be within loot range of the chest. The player who stayed back at Blue Circle 2 can now open the Chests. You can also choose to clear back to Blue Circle 2 to do loot (mobs can potentially respawn). Either way works.



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