LDoN – Deepest Guk: Ritualist of Hate Guide

Request in: South Ro
Request NPC: Friggal Bribbitz
Zone in: Innothule Swamp
Difficulty: Hard


Use the Map below as reference for the rest of the guide. Right click and view image to enlarge.



This raid is straight forward. You just clear trash and kill 5 named around the zone (who hit hard). The last named in particular hits just as hard, if not harder, than Rallos Zek in Plane of Time. Geared tanks are highly recommended.


 Step 1

At Circle 1 you’ll find Leklos the Bonekeeper. Kill it.

– Melees for 2600+
– PBAE Stun (6 seconds)
– PBAE Attack debuff
– Single Target Spell Haste + Attack Speed -15% debuff. Curse Counter



Step 2

At Circle 2 you’ll find The Cavern Creeper. Kill it.

– Melees for 2600+
– AE rampages
– Single target FD + Stun (12 second), also does 5000 DD. Casts it on the tank.
– PBAE 500 AE DoT, this also makes the raid drunk if alcohol tolerance is below 50. Poison Counter.
– Small crawler adds spawn upon death. Trivial.


Step 3

At Circle 3 you’ll find The Cursed Spore. Kill it.

– Melees for 2600+
– PBAE 500 HP/ 300 Mana Drain. Disease Counter
– Mezzes Main Tank periodically, causing it to switch targets



Step 4

At Circle 4 you’ll find Gragna the Cursed. Kill it.

– Melees for 2600+
– 1000DD proc on tank
– PBAE -100 all resist spell
– PBAE 3000 DD on raid. Large range.




Step 5

At Circle 5 you’ll find The Cursed Keeper. This is a bad bad boi. He hits hard and puts out a lot of AE damage.  Have healers stand behind the wall at the entrance to his room to avoid the AE spells. It’s likely that your melee will die. Try to stay max melee. He doesn’t see invis so your tank can invis to get close and tank him in the corner. Kill it.

– Melees for 3600+
– AE Rampages hard
– Charms Main Tank (level 65 cap). This spell also lowers attack speed by 25% and gives a damage shield to the player.
– PBAE -200 Resist debuff
– PBAE Knockback
– PBAE 750 HP / 600 Mana DoT

Once dead you’ll get four chests. Three look like chests, one looks like a bone pile. Two chests will have 2 pieces of loot each. One chest will have 1 piece of loot. The Bone Pile will also have 1 piece of loot. 6 loots total. All 4 chests spawn in The Cursed Keeper’s room.



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