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  LDoN – Mistmoore’s Catacombs: Scion Lair of Fury Guide

Request in: Butcherblock
Request NPC: Glopruk Tigglum
Zone in: Lesser Faydark
Difficulty: Normal


Use the Map below as reference for the rest of the guide. Right click and view image to enlarge.


Step 1

This zone has a lot of trash so expect to spend time here. You’ll want to first clear the 3 dark blue circles on the map. These are the Elite Scion Guardians. Killing all 3 should yield an extra chest at the end. However, for me it did not so it may be bugged.



 Step 2

After the Elite Scion Guardians are dead continue clearing trash towards the Red, Teal and Purple circles.

In the Teal Room is Sfisithik the Light Devourer
In the Purple Room is Halusant the Nightblood
In the Red Room is Grortrakien the Mutilator

You will want to kill these three at the same time. If you don’t then they may heal to full. The healing seems to be buggy, so you may be able to get away with only killing Sfisithik the Light Devourer and Halusant the Nightblood at the same time and then kill Grortrakien the Mutilator after. However you choose to do it, you’ll get 3 chests from completing this task once all the named are dead. The named are very easy.

Additionally, Sfisithik the Light Devourer will spawn some adds during the fight. Kill them off during the fight.

You’re done! You’ll get at least 3, and maybe 4 chests (depending on if the Elite Scions chest spawns). Loot Chests are in the 2nd to most southern room (see map).




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