LDoN – Rujarkian Hills: Hidden Vale of Deceit

Request in: Commonlands
Request NPC: Chaenz Abella
Zone in: South Ro
Difficulty: Hard



Use this map for reference for the rest of the guide.



Step 1

There is a lot of trash in this zone. Clear toward the first 4 Circles and kill the Violent Research Subject within each one. When they die, their respective Assistant (who is untargetable) will run off.


Step 2

Clear to Circle 5 on the map. Here you’ll find 3 Steelslave Researchers. There’s a lot of trash in this room as well. You can split the Steelslave Researchers and kill them one at a time. They hit for approx 2600. You will get an emote after each death.


Step 3

Clear to Circle 6 on the map. Here you’ll find several boss mobs. First you’ll need to clear 3 Flawless Experimental Brutes. They can be singled pulled if needed. They hit for 2600. Once they are dead you’ll be on the final boss.

Step 4

Flawless Experimental Battlelord is the final boss and requires 3 tanks. He has two Steelslave Researchers next to him. To receive the extra loot, kill the Researchers first, then kill the Battlelord.


The Researchers both hit for 2,600. Flawless Experimental Battlelord hits for 3,600 and can Backstab for over 7,000. Flawless Experimental Battlelord also casts:

– Throw – Single Target, Knockback + 3000 DD, Unresistable
– Casts a Memory Blur

Everyone should also have levitate in case they get knocked into the water. Additionally, he spawns Flawed Mutations after a minute or so. They have low HP and should be killed off.

You will receive a loot emote upon each Researchers death, then another upon death of the Battlelord. You’ll get 3 chests that spawn around a nearby wagon.



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