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 LDoN – Rujarkian Hills: Prison Break

Request in: Commonlands
Request NPC: Luarnn Gibbizt
Zone in: South Ro
Difficulty: Hard



I have broken up the Prison Break map into four sections:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


While clearing, you’ll see a lot of goblins that seem to leash/reaggro. If more than 2 are aggroed at a time, they will fight, once they get down to 2 they will run away. This can create some weird train issues, so be careful!

Part 1

First you will want to clear towards each red circle. There is 1 Taskmaster in each room. Once a Taskmaster is dead a gray chest will spawn. Disarm Trap it first, then loot Heavy Orcish Prison Key. If you don’t Disarm Trap the chest you may not get the key. Once you have all 3 keys, move onto Part 2.

Part 2

Head over to the “prison”area of the map. There are 3 prisoners sitting in the cells. You must free them with the 3 Heavy Orcish Prison Key you looted. Hand in 1 to each prisoner. Once all 3 have been turned in, Prison Guard Talkor will spawn outside the room and run in (see yellow arrow). Kill him. Move onto Part 3.


Part 3

There are 5 rooms on the Southwest side of the map. Clear the rooms completely of orcs to free the prisoners within them. Once the 5th room is clear you’ll get an emote:

This spawns the final bosses of the dungeon. Move onto Part 4.

Part 4

At this point, High Shaman Yenner and Warden Neyremal will spawn in the middle of the 5 rooms. This requires 2 tanks because they will need to be split up. They will AE ramp. Keep them at least room lengths from each other. High Shaman Yenner also casts an AE DoT and has lower HP, so it may be best to kill him first.




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