LDoN – Takish-Hiz: Sunken Library Guide

Request in: North Ro
Request NPC: Tarakix V’Rasyrn
Zone in: North Ro
Difficulty: Normal


Use the Map below as reference for the rest of the guide. Right click and view image to enlarge.

 **Step 1 and Step 2 are partially done at the same time so read both before beginning.**

Step 1

You’ll want to kill all NPCs called the Sands of Life and the Sands of Knowledge. There are 5 of each scattered throughout the zone. Their locations are circled on the map.

Killing the 5 the Sands of Life spawns the Flowkeeper of Life (1 on map).
Killing the 5 the Sands of Knowledge spawns the Flowkeeper of Knowledge (2 on map).

Once the Flowkeepers spawn, you will want to kill them also. They both hit for 1400.

the Flowkeeper of Knowledge
– Casts Greater Sand Curse of Knowledge (PBAE, +50% Cast time/-1000 mana a tick, Unresistable makes spell take 50% longer to cast and is a 1000/tick mana train.the Flowkeeper of Life
– Casts Greater Sand Curse of Life (PBAE, -1000 HP/tick and -500 Attack, Prismatic)


Step 2

While performing the tasks of Step 1, you’ll also run into 3 Jeweled Guardians: Bathas, Myriana, and Faetran. You will only see one up at a time, killing one spawns the next.

Kill them as you go. They are trivial fights and hit for around 1400. They all cast some minor damage spells but nothing difficult.

Step 3

Once all 3 Jeweled Guardians from Step 2 are dead, Jeweled Champion Ridhaz and Jeweled Champion Wayvia spawn in the final room (see map).

They can both be single pulled. They hit for around 1400 each.

Jeweled Champion Ridhaz casts a PBAE that snares and has a 600 hp/tick DoT
Jeweled Champion Wayvia
casts a PBAE that lowers INT/WIS by 250 and hits 1000DD when cast. 4 adds will also spawn upon its death. They hit for around 800.


Step 4

Once the Jeweled Champions are dead, Geomancer Paara becomes targetable.

– Hits 1500
– 5 Adds spawn every 20%. They are slowable, mezzable, and AE rampage.
– Casts Petrifying Blast (PBAE, -1000 DD/10 sec stun, -300 Chromatic Based)
– Casts Rain of Stone (Targeted AE, -1500 DD, -300 Chromatic Based)
– Casts Grip of Stone (PBAE, -500 HP/Mana per tick, -300 Chromatic Based)
– Also seems to cast a PBAE blind on engage

Kill them then get back on the Geomancer. If you try to zerg her down without killing the adds then you’ll have to deal with them all at once as they do not despawn. 3 Chests with loot will spawn on her platform once she dies.



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