Lizardscale Plated Girdle
Quest Guide

Step 1

Kill Cragbeast Queen in Natimbi. This is a raid boss. Loot Scales of the Cragbeast Queen.

In open world, she is only up between 12am and 2am in-game time (Approx. 5 day respawn timer once killed). You can also spawn her in an instance, where she’ll always be up.


Step 2

Open up a Vxed instance. Kill trash mobs to get the following 5 items:

2x Untainted Spectral EssenceDrops from “beludu” type mobs
In Vxed, These mobs spawn in the north center room of the zone. They can also drop in Uqua and Tipt from similar model mobs if you happen to go to those zones.

3x Polished Stonemite Shell Drops from “stonemite” type mobs. They are a random trash spawn throughout the zone.

Both of these items can be rare, so be patient.

Step 3

1) Locate Larsaki in Natimbi. She is at the camp.

“Hail” her
Say “materials” to receive Larsaki’s Empty Box (6-slot container).

You can only receive this box if you have Scales of the Cragbeast Queen in your inventory.
You’ll also need to be one of the classes that can wear the Lizardscale Plated Girdle in order to receive the Larsaki’s Empty Box, otherwise she will tell you to speak to Lienni for the caster version of this quest.

2) Combine the following items into Larsaki’s Empty Box (6-slot container) to create
Larsaki’s Box of Raw Materials.

2x Untainted Spectral Essence
3x Polished Stonemite Shell
Scales of the Cragbeast Queen



3) Give Larsaki’s Box of Raw Materials to Larsaki to receive Lizardscale Plated Girdle!


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