Lord Inquisitor Seru Raid Guide

Lord Inquisitor Seru has two pre-requirements that your raid must meet before you consider attempting him.

1) You need at least 1 person with the Arx Key. This key allows a player to port their group up to the temple where he resides. It can be used from any zone in the game that allows porting. A guide can be found HERE. The more keys your raid has the faster everyone can port up.

2)  Melee should have Seru Bane Weapons (Guide HERE). He is immune to normal melee attacks.

Approx. 3 day respawn.

After using the Arx Key and porting up to his temple you’ll need to find him. His chambers are behind a maze. This maze is easy to navigate now that we have maps in the game.

Follow the arrows on the maps below to get to the maze area. You’ll see a little statue you can click on that will port you to it.

See map below to get through the maze.


Once you get out of the maze you’ll be in Lord Inquisitor Seru’s chamber. He sits in the middle of the room but is untargetable. You need to get close to him and he will aggro. Generally it’s best to tank him in a corner and have healers behind the pillars in the sides of the room to avoid his AE.

Note: Enchanters can charm the NPC’s in his chamber that do a lot of damage to him. You can only do this in PoP era or later due to the level of the NPC’s. Some of them hit hard and fast when hasted, so be careful when charm breaks!

He has a lot of HP, procs a long stun on the tank, and has a 300 HP AE DoT.


– Hits 1000+
– Physical damage classes must use bane weapons to damage him
– Flurries
– Immune to Magic
– Can slow with Cold or Disease based slows
– Procs Stunning Strike (Single Target, 20 second Stun and small DD, – 200 Magic Based)
– Casts Torturing Winds (Targeted AE, -300 HP DoT, Unresistable, 9 Curse Cure)
– Approx. 1.4 million HP

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