Lord Yelinak Strategy Guide


Lord Yelinak’s Lair is found deep within Skyshrine. He is on his own faction while the rest of the zone is on Claws of Veeshan faction.

Highlights of his abilities include:

– Hits up to 700 (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Rampages
– The floor of his lair is slippery
– Permarooted
– Cannot be slowed
– 500K HP (estimate)
– Casts Ice Breath (PBAE, 300DD and 50 Mana/tick drain, pushback, -200 Magic Based, 2 min CD)
– Casts Mind Cloud (Single Target, 600DD and 80% movement increase. Magic Based) This is essentially a knockback on the main tank.

You’ll want everyone in your raid to get levitate to avoid the slippery floor.  Mana users need to get their Magic Resist as high as possible to resist the Mana Drain.


How do I get to Lord Yelinak? This zone is huge!

Watch this video (2x Speed). This is the entire run from Wakening Lands up to Yelinak’s Lair. Expect the run to take 7-8 minutes on the fastest speed mount.

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