Lord Inquisitor Seru Strategy Guide

Sanctus Seru


Zlandicar spawns right in the back of the caves in Dragon Necropolis.

Highlights of his abilities include:

– Hits for 300+
– Rampages
– Does not see invisibility
– Casts Dragon Roar (PBAE, Fear, Magic Resist)
– Casts Stun Breath (Targeted AE, 900DD and 12 second stun, Magic Based)
РCasts Greater Immobilize (Root, Single Target, Magic Based)
– Casts Screaming Terror (Mez, Single Target, Magic Based)
– Casts Insidious Retrogression (Snare and 500DD, Single target, Disease Based)
– Low HP – Approx. 100K

Also casts other various necromancer DoTs. Buff your Magic Resist up and he’s pretty trivial.

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